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What is “Other Viewers” on Facebook Story?

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“Other Viewers” on Facebook can be quite confusing and Ii you’ve encountered this statement: “1 other person viewed this story” it can be quite frustrating trying to understand who did and why their name isn’t displayed.

In 2017, Facebook introduced the concept of “stories” on the platform. This is basically a copy of Snapchat stories. “Stories” usually disappear after 24 hours of posting them. When you add a photo or video to your “Story”, your followers or friends can only view it within 24 hours of you posting it.

Snapchat was the first to conceptualize the idea of stories that only last for a day. Later other creators too followed in with the trend. Other social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook later launched it on their websites too.

Using the option of “Stories” users can easily share the moment with their friends whenever.

However, the appearance of “other viewers” on Facebook can be baffling to its users.

In this article, we’ll see:

  1. What does “Other Viewers” mean?
  2. How to get rid of “Other Viewers”?
  3. How to hide story on Facebook?
  4. Does “Other Viewers” mean you are blocked?

What does “Other Viewers”?

“Other Viewers” on Facebook appears after you post a story. You, as a user are allowed to see who has viewed your story and how many people have viewed your story.

When you post a public story, “Other Viewers” refers to the people who have viewed your story but are not friends with you on Facebook.

But when you post a private story, only your friends can view the posted story. There won’t be “Other Viewers.”

If you see “Other Viewers” under your story, it means you are in public mode. Everyone on your friends’ list as well as on Facebook can view your stories.

The private mode only lets your friends view your story. So, if you don’t want anyone outside your Facebook friends list to view your story, then you need to change your story settings to private.

Can I see “Other Viewers” on Facebook?

Unfortunately, the answer to that is a big NO. Facebook doesn’t disclose who the “Other Viewer” is. Although a lot of the users have signed a petition to be able to have awareness of who is watching their stories.

It only makes sense that we know who is able to access our stories and view them.

The ironic anonymity of “Other Viewers” is extremely bizarre.

Here’s how to get rid of “Other Viewers”

To stop allowing people outside your friends’ list to view your story on Facebook, you will need to change your story settings.

This is a fairly easy process, just follow the instructions given below.

  • Open to your Facebook application and click on Profile
  • Tap the “Add story” option and upload a photo/video to your story and post it
  • Click on the “Audience Selector” at the botton right corner and here you can select the mode which you want to set.

Under “Audience Selector”, you have 3 options:

  1. Public: Selecting this option enables you to share your story with everyone, but only your friends can reply to the story you posted
  2. Friends: This option only lets your friends view your story
  3. Custom: Here Facebook allows to to choose particular people you want to view the story. And only those people will be able to view your story.

How to hide story on Facebook

To hide your story from creeps or judgmental individuals, social media apps have fortunately been considerate enough to allow us such an option as to hide our stories. So has Facebook.

  1. Open your Facebook application
  2. Go to your story settings
  3. Change your story privacy to “Friends
  4. Click on “Hide story from
  5. Now select the names of people you want your story to stay hidden from
  6. Click on “Done” and “Save” once you’re finished with selectin the names

Does “Other Viewers” mean you are blocked?

To answer the question directly, yes. It can mean you are blocked by someone who has viewed your story. But this is most likely not the case.

Only if a person views your story and then blocks you, they will be displayed as “1 Other viewer“.

If someone blocks you on Facebook you will be removed from the friend list. You also won’t be able to view their profile, story, or posts. And the same applies to them as well.

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