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How to verify an Email Address without sending an Email?

Verifying Email Address – One of the earliest forms of online communication is email. They exist before Facebook and WhatsApp.

The reach of emails is much greater than that of any social media tool.

When you start using email marketing for your campaign, verifying email addresses becomes even more important.

Email validation, also known as email verification, is the process of making sure the emails on your email list are active and valid.

Why is it important to verify an email before sending it

1. Keep bounces away

As previously noted, bounces can be harmful to any cold email marketing. Your email service provider (ESP) may decide to block you if you have a high bounce rate.

Email verification has the advantage of assisting you in eliminating the list’s invalid addresses.

If you do this, your bounce rate will immediately go down.

2. Better sender reputation score & email deliverability

Your email’s quality is determined by the ESP based on the standing of your sender.

A sender reputation score is assigned to every email account. Moreover, the deliverability of your emails will increase as your sender reputation score rises.

ESPs have the right to suspend your account for sending emails to suspicious or incorrect addresses.

Also by authenticating your email account, you can send emails to the intended recipient.

3. Gets better results from email campaigns

The effectiveness of your email campaigns can be greatly enhanced by maintaining a mailing list free of incorrect addresses.

Your deliverability will increase if the problematic addresses are eliminated from your list. i.e., it’s likely that your message will reach the intended recipient’s inbox.

Both the email open and reply rates would rise as a result. You will see an improvement in your campaign’s performance as a result.

4. Reduces Spam Complaints

One of the most important advantages of email verification is the decrease in spam complaints. Maintain the spam rate as low as you can.

Additionally, Email verification lets you know which users’ email accounts frequently label emails as spam.

In order to prevent you from being labeled as spam, such accounts will be identified through email verification.

What is a valid email address?

An email address that has completed all confirmation steps is considered to be real or genuine.

The verified email account can receive messages, and the email server is up and running.

Additionally, it guarantees that the server is not configured to accept all and that the email account is authentic. Overall, it is safe to use these email addresses.

What is an invalid email address?

When an email address has the status “Invalid,” it cannot accept email addresses.

The tested email address is invalid despite the email server being present.

How to verify an email address without sending e-mails?

You should be aware that email verification is a complicated science and that no email verification service can ever guarantee 100% accuracy.

 There are numerous approaches that provide us with hints and information we may utilize to reach a determination as to whether or not an email address is authentic.

Now let us have a look at the methods which are listed below:

#1. Check the email syntax

One of the most frequent problems with email addresses is typographical and syntactic errors.

Each email address has three components:

  • a username that precedes the @ symbol
  • a “@” symbol
  • And a domain name.

Remove an email address immediately away if it is missing any of these components.

You can create an email username using any combination of letters, numbers, and special characters, including the underscore (_), plus (+), period (.), and others.

Most importantly a period cannot begin or conclude an email address.

Anywhere in an email address, there can only be one consecutive period.

This approach might be helpful as a starting point if you only need to validate a small number of email addresses.

Additionally, look for typographical errors that could be causing your emails to bounce back, such as @gmail.com or @yahooo.com.

#3. Ping the server

Pinging the server is another method for checking email addresses without actually sending any emails. To make this check, you need a program like PuTTY for Telnet on a Windows computer.

Although pinging the server is a reliable method of confirming email addresses, it is difficult and risky for your machine.

#3. DNS Lookup

The DNS Lookup method can be used to verify the authority of a domain.

This is how to utilize it:

  • Download MXToolbox DNS Check.
  • Click “DNS check” after entering the domain name you wish to verify in the text box.
  • Details about the hostname and DNS records are shown.

If the domain’s information is missing, it signifies the domain is not available.

Although it can help you establish whether a domain exists or not, this method cannot 100% ensure delivery.

#4. Using an E-mail Verification Tool

If you want to verify emails in the most straightforward manner possible, using email verification tools is the most efficient option.

When using an automatic verification tool, all you need to do is enter the mailing list; the tool will handle the rest.

A bulk email verification tool can be used to quickly check an email list and provide findings.

Select a solution that examines bulk addresses and delivers findings quickly when you need to validate emails for cold emails.

Also by doing this, you’ll save a tonne of time that you can utilize more effectively.

#5. IP Address Lookup

An IP address lookup is another approach to confirm the legitimacy of an email address. With this method, you can discover the recipient’s email account’s IP information.

Initially, you must determine the IP address of the user. Again, MX Toolbox can be used for this.

  • Click “MX Lookup” after entering the recipient’s email address in the text field.
  • Also, The email address will also be included with a list of IP addresses. You could pick any of these.

Next, look for your IP address using tools that are available online.

Get the IP information for the recipient’s email server by entering the IP address into a program of your choice. You can check everything in the search results.

The various verification states are as follows:

Valid: Email is verified. You can apply it.

Accept all: The email server’s protocol states that it should accept all email addresses, thus we are unable to determine whether the address has a mailbox. The email could be returned.

Invalid: The email will bounce if it’s invalid. This is inapplicable.

Webmail: The email address is an unverified webmail account, such as one from gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc.


The only way to get rid of false and made-up email addresses is through email verification.

You will benefit much from this technique when it comes to email marketing.

It’s usually a good idea to validate email addresses and give email checkers priority when trying to optimize the performance of your email marketing.

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