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6 Best Subtitle Downloading Websites (Movies, TV Series)

Are you searching for the best free Subtitle Downloading Websites or extensions for the movies, TV series that you desire you have landed on the perfect place to find the perfect websites?

What all a subtitle downloader website must provide subtitles for me, I watch for entertainment apart from diversity in the culture I watch American series, Korean series, Chinese series, Thai series, and most of the time anime.

I find it difficult to search subtitles for each language and convert them into English. Furthermore, the most annoying part is when timing slips. so prefer within these 6 websites and enjoy watching movies and series.

#1 Opensubtitles

Opensubtitles is the best subtitles downloading site where you can easily download or just add to your internet service and watch your series or movie in more than 6 languages.

 They also enable the upload of subtitles which is an absolute reason opensubtitle is the best subtitles site.

The most negative con in opensubtitle is that it is not a mobile-friendly website.


  • Easy finding with title name, year, country, type, season, or episode.
  • They provide 5983173 subtitles
  • You can login and request the team to add subtitles to your favorite series or movie
  • You can simply even add it as a google chrome extension to your chrome
  • Also, Best free and consume low  MB to download your subtitles
  • They are available in multiple languages
  • They provide you with an advanced search bar that takes less than 0.01 seconds.

#2 Subscene

Best Subtitle Downloading Website for TV series & Korean series.

The site has a massive section of subtitle files in multi-global languages for many trending films and TV titles. You are also able to post a request for a subtitle in any language, and for any movie or series to the team. They keep updating their website daily. You can also gauge any subtitle file’s quality. 


  • Advanced Search-Bar
  • Accommodates spelling errors in searches
  • You can post reviews to the subtitles where it may be rectified in the future.
  • You are able to edit the subtitle filter on the page.
  • Also, The interface is simple, with a prominent search bar.
  • Requesting subtitles also make this website the best subtitle website. 

#3 YIFY 

YIFY is really an easy and simple downloading website to use for subtitles. YIFY provides subtitles only for movies.

You will be provided with trending movies for you to have an easy search and categories according to languages.

Autosuggestion makes it the best subtitles website.


  • Totally ad-free whereas the whole website is a free context.
  • Provides you info on the movie, its release year, and moreover, ratings.
  • Subtitles are uploadable
  • No registration will be required, and the whole site is free.

#4 Podnapisi

Podnapisi is the best subtitles downloading website as it provides over 58,000 movies & 6,000 TV series.

They give perfect categories in the landing page from latest, best-rated, recently uploaded most downloaded, and most commented subtitles.


  • Too many language options to select on your subtitles.
  • Neat and Clean UI
  • Preview of the subtitles before downloading will be an underrated feature making this website the best subtitles website.
  • Best advanced Search-Bar
  • Smart Global-language filter

#5 Addic7ed

You needed to access free login and be a member in order to download any subtitles. Addi7ed is the best subtitle downloading website as it allows you to view the subtitle file before downloading it. 

As they provide subtitles for both movies and TV series it would be worth login.


  • Addic7ed allows you to view the subtitle file before downloading it. 
  • You also get to edit it if you are a registered member of the site.
  • New releases will be displayed in an RSS feed at the top of the page.
  • Addic7ed supports forums to ask questions, along with tutorial pages to explain how to use subtitles with common programs.

#6 English subtitle

If you are a big fan of other cultural faans and English subtitles for all your k-dramas, Chinese dramas, anime watchers and you want English subtitles for all other language movies and TV series in one place then you are at the right place.


  • Modern UI design.
  • Advanced search bar
  • Massive subtitle categories and options
  • Essay download as well as essay upload of subtitles
  • Navigation is easier.


In this context, we went through the best 6 free subtitle downloader websites and their top features to have a better understanding and have a multi-cultural enjoyment in your entertainment. If you have any other subtitle downloader websites that we missed in this context specifically with better features, please mention them below in the comments. If you like this, share this with your friends and follow the PublishSquare blog.

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