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How to Poke On Facebook in 2023

Poke on Facebook

Remember when Poking your friends on Facebook was cool and trendy? “Poke” on Facebook was one of the hip features.

Well now, the option to poke on Facebook is so hidden that users find it difficult to locate.

Poking has now become a thing of the past due to the decreasing popularity of the feature and rumors of introducing a new one.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t poke now. You still have the option to use the “Poke” feature, we just need to do some digging.

Unlike those days, the “Poke” feature is not displayed right at the top of the page.

What is Poking on Facebook?

To be honest, there is no definite meaning of what Poking actually signifies. It depends on the sender’s and the receiver’s interpretation.

It may be to get your friend’s attention or to just say hi, some people also consider it as light flirting.

Poking was considered fun when it was done among your friends. But when a stranger pokes you on Facebook that’s actually pretty creepy. And yes, you didn’t have to be friends on Facebook to poke someone.

When you “poke” someone on Facebook, whoever it is that you poked gets notified and also has the option to poke you back. And you cant poke the same person again before they poke you back or remove your poke. This is in view as to not spam them.

How to Poke someone on Facebook?

Just follow these quick and easy steps to find the “Poke” option.

This method works for mobile users as well as desktop users alike.

  1. Log into your Facbook application
  2. Go to the search icon on the top of your Facebook Home screen
  3. Type “Poke” in the search box and enter
  4. Your screen will now display the icon for “Poke“, click on that icon to be taken to the “Poke” page
  5. On the “Poke” page, enter your friend’s name who you wish to “Poke
  6. The icon can be seen next to their name. Go ahead, “Poke” away my friend

There’s is also a simpler way if you are using your desktop.

  1. All you have to do is click here, of you’re already logged into your account in your laptop/PC.


So, to sum it up, Facebook “Poke” didn’t go anywhere. It was only concealed due to the process of fading it out and bringing in a new feature.

Which isn’t all bad, Poke did attract a lot of creeps online. And receivers of the Poke weren’t very comfortable when it wasn’t their friends.

Facebook is not just a mere poking application for sure, it’s also great for business which is why most people use to grow. Sure it started out in 2004 as a website that connects friends and people from across the world but it has greatly evolved since then.

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