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How to Check Messenger’s Unsent Messages

Messenger’s Unsent Messages or a Facebook Messenger message was deleted or sent again.

You won’t be able to view it any longer if they did.

This is due to the fact that canceling a Messenger’s Unsent Messages would delete it entirely from the chat.

The individual must choose “Unsend for Everyone” as opposed to “Unsend for you,” nevertheless.

The “Unsend for Everyone” function is comparable to WhatsApp’s “Delete For Everyone” function.

You may read or see Messenger’s Unsent Messages for iPhone and Android by following the instructions in this article (with or without an app).

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How to check Messenger’s unsent messages

How to see unsent messages on Messenger

You must install the “Notisave” app from Google Play in order to view unsent messages on Messenger.

The software can automatically save messages on Messenger and remember your status and alerts.

Accomplish through your notification bar’s autosaving of notifications.

Additionally, you may search for all of your alerts at once.

By automatically storing new messages, photos, and status updates, Notisave supports Messaging and other messenger programs.

You may utilize Notisave as follows:

  1. Get Notisave from Google Play.
  2. Enable “Notisave” to allow access to notifications.
  3. Give Notisave access to your files, media, and images.
  4. Tap “Settings” and the three dots after that.
  5. Click “Save alerts”
  6. Activate “Messenger.”

Message alerts from Messenger will be automatically preserved on Notisave after you’ve enabled “Messenger.”

Because of this, you may view an unsent message on Messenger by using the Notisave app.

You may check this by sending a message to yourself on another phone, then instantly deleting it.

Remember that in order for this to function, you must allow Messenger alerts.

Notisave won’t be able to keep your Messenger notifications otherwise.

Unfortunately, Notisave is only accessible through Google Play for Android-based devices.

For iPhone/iOS devices, it is not accessible through the App Store.

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How to use Messenger without an app to view unsent messages

How to see unsent messages on Messenger without app

You must enable “Notification history” in your settings in order to view unsent messages on Messenger without an application.

You may do this to save the Messenger messages you receive.

Remember that not all Android smartphones can use this.

This is due to the “Notification history” function not being available on all Android devices.

The following steps will enable “Notification history”:

  1. Click on settings.
  2. “Notifications” can be tapped.
  3. Press “Advanced options” once.
  4. “Notification history” should be chosen.
  5. On “Notification history,” click.
  6. Now, by going to your Messenger notification history, you may view any unsent messages.

Choose “Messenger” if “Notification history” has already been enabled in the past.

You will view a history of your Messenger notifications after selecting “Messenger.”

This applies to both recently sent and pending Messenger messages.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to view earlier unsent messages on Messenger if you just enabled “Notification history.”

You will only be able to view upcoming unsent messages instead.

This is due to the fact that notifications for previously unsent messages on the Messenger storing.

Remember that iOS device cannot utilize this since the “Notification history” function is not available on them.

Additionally, not every Android device has a “Notification history.”

You can download the “Notisave” app if you don’t already have it.


If “Unsend for Everyone”, unsent messages on Messenger will be a permanent ban.

However, by employing the two ways mentioned above, you may still see them.

The aforementioned techniques let you read unsent messages by using your notification history.

Your notification history saves in both the “Notisave” app and the “Notification history” function.

You should thus check that Facebook Messenger notifications enable.

Open the “Settings” app, select Notifications, then select All Apps > Messenger, then select Turn on notifications.

The “Notisave” app will be able to preserve your Messenger notifications as a result.

For instance, receive a message on Messenger, the notice will retain in the app.

The message will still be visible in the “Notisave” app or your notification history even if the sender unsent or removed it. This is because it preserves as a notification.

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