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100+ Best, Nice, and Excellent Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments, Are you seeking interesting things to say on a friend’s Facebook post?

Like or leave a kind remark on someone’s article is a terrific method to show your appreciation.

However, a post does not adequately reflect your feelings.

You may brighten someone’s day by leaving a positive remark on their post.

The comment might be as basic as “I really like this picture!”

Coming up with a nice comment, on the other hand, can be difficult.

This page includes the greatest, nicest, and most appropriate Facebook comments for guys, girls, friends, couples, and others.

You’ll also discover what the greatest Facebook remark is and how to comment on a stunning photo.

What are the finest Facebook comments?

The greatest Facebook remark is nice and straightforward.

“I adore this!” is an example of a Facebook remark.

You don’t have to think too hard to come up with a remark.

If you’re stumped for a comment, just leave the first thing that comes to mind as long as it’s positive.

For example, if your initial thought is “This is a lovely dress,” you may say “Nice outfit!”

Negative remarks can be left as a joke in some circumstances if the individual is a close friend.

How do you remark on a gorgeous Facebook photo?

You may use adjectives or emoticons to remark on a gorgeous photo on Facebook.

“Stunning!” is an example of a comment on a gorgeous image.

You may also use a combination of adjectives and emoticons to improve the clarity of your message.

The fire emoji is one of the greatest to utilize since it can be used in a variety of pictures.

Best Facebook comments

Best Facebook comments
  1. Beautiful
  2. You look great!
  3. Natural splendor
  4. My personal fave
  5. I adore you
  6. Beautiful!
  7. What a cutie! ❤️
  8. Added to phone
  9. Amazing, isn’t it?
  10. I adore it!
  11. Isn’t she lovely?
  12. ‘Mah girl’
  13. You look amazing!
  14. Absolutely breathtaking!
  15. ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨?✨✨✨
  16. Looking elegant?
  17. You look fantastic.
  18. My hero?
  19. Fashionista
  20. The very best
  21. I adore you so much
  22. That is incredible.
  23. My dude, you’re looking fantastic!
  24. So fantastic
  25. Falling hot chick
  26. You look lovely.
  27. Why are you so lovely?
  28. demonstrating how it’s done!
  29. Beautiful photographs
  30. What a work of art—you and the surroundings No. 1
  31. That’s the life!
  32. A true legend
  33. Throneship
  34. That’s fantastic!
  35. You’re fantastic!
  36. I’m overjoyed for you!
  37. Fantastic!
  38. Congratulations!
  39. Significant movements
  40. It is taking place!
  41. Let’s get started!
  42. So dang good
  43. Although not first, I am still commenting.
  44. Please take note of me.
  45. Did not let me down.
  46. You recently made a post.
  47. Hello and welcome to the club.
  48. You are flawless.
  49. Brother, you’re a legend.
  50. Your sense of style is great!
  51. I grin when you smile.
  52. That clothing is fantastic.
  53. Did you hear they passed an ice-cream ban? Don’t worry, it was found to be un-cone-stitutional!
  54. Fantastic view.
  55. Oh, you’re looking as good as new as hell.
  56. You have finally posted.
  57. You are amazing.
  58. I’m in a horrible way.
  59. Outstanding.
  60. The most sizzling.
  61. As usual, huge things are being accomplished.
  62. You’re nuts for doing this.
  63. Angel child.
  64. Your clothes are all amazing.
  65. It’s adorable.
  66. Is it even possible to be that flawless?
  67. I adore you, guy.
  68. It’s even cooler than the opposite side of my pillow.
  69. You are a magnificent creature; keep up the excellent job.
  70. Who is the best of all time?

Nice Facebook comments

Nice Facebook comments
  1. You look fantastic.
  2. You appear to be on fire.
  3. Issa anthem
  4. That’s my style.
  5. Striking a blow
  6. So sizzling
  7. Let’s get started.
  8. I adore you so much!
  9. Wonderful
  10. Exceptional
  11. You are deserving of the finest.
  12. You are absolutely perfect!
  13. Charming!
  14. You’re killing it.
  15. Let’s get started.
  16. So adorable!
  17. I’m not sobbing because you’re living the good life.
  18. Have a great time!
  19. All of the images are wonderful and charming.
  20. Best wishes
  21. improving one’s game
  22. Asf vibes
  23. Have a fantastic time
  24. Flying man
  25. I adore it
  26. This is a genuine fire.
  27. When you look like that, new beginnings can’t be difficult.
  28. You are deserving of the entire universe.
  29. Amazing photographs!
  30. The views are incredible!
  31. I hope your day is going well 3
  32. Take off!
  33. What exactly are you looking at?
  34. Hey, excellent match.
  35. These photos are fantastic.
  36. You look fantastic.
  37. This looks fantastic.
  38. So lovely.
  39. These photos are freezing.
  40. I’m looking forward to my cookies.
  41. The fit is fantastic.
  42. Much affection
  43. a literal bomb
  44. It’s really lovely

Good Facebook comments

Good Facebook comments
  1. That’s really great.
  2. That vitality
  3. I adore these images!
  4. This is incredible.
  5. Oh my God
  6. A fantastic graph
  7. Energy from a very cool dude
  8. Stunning lady
  9. Just hanging out casually
  10. You overlooked my invitation.
  11. You appear to have had a great time!
  12. Obsessed omg
  13. I enjoy watching you succeed.
  14. I love you because you look so joyful.
  15. This is awesome.
  16. I adore this style!
  17. Quite fashionable
  18. Cuteness overload
  19. Natural splendor
  20. Deliver it!
  21. Your fashion sense is incredible.
  22. The coolest of the cool
  23. Perseverance and faith have distinct effects.
  24. These are always the most accurate words to hear during these moments.
  25. So fierce
  26. Excellent!
  27. This shot is tough as nails.
  28. That is fantastic.
  29. Always presentable
  30. You’re in your element
  31. Complete perfection
  32. Forever and eternally.
  33. Wonderful grin.
  34. I really like the shot.
  35. I adore the fit.
  36. Check for fire safety?
  37. These photos are fantastic, bro.
  38. Excellent asf
  39. As always, a fantastic image
  40. You are an inspiration to me.
  41. Beautiful image!


In sum, a good Facebook remark does not have to be difficult.

Indeed, a basic emoji, such as the fire emoji (), would suffice.

Liking someone’s post only indicates that you are aware that they have posted.

Many individuals just like posts and then scroll past them.

On the other hand, putting a remark on someone’s post demonstrates your level of involvement.

This is due to your decision to make an attempt to communicate your ideas.

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