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7 Best FREE Code Editor Software for Windows (2022)

A Code Editor software is a type of text editor that is used to start writing and editing code and computer programs. It makes it easier for coders to write and edit source code and programs by distinguishing elements and built-in procedures.

What are the features to consider to select the best Code editor software:
  • Autocomplete.
  • Built-in Debugging.
  • Multiple Language Support.
  • Drag and Drop GUI features.
  • Multiple OS support.

#1 Notepad++

Notepad++ is a code editing software for Windows which is totally free and open source. Also, it’s really simple to be used for newbies but extremely powerful for advanced users. 

It includes syntax highlighting for a variety of languages, along with PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This even includes an FTP plugin that allows you to connect to your server and edit files without abandoning the editor.


  • This free text editor includes syntax highlighting for PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Word finalization and function completion are examples of auto-completion.
  • This free source code allows you to record and replay macros.
  • User-defined Showcasing and folding syntax.
  • Highly customizable graphical user interface.
  • Support for multiple views and languages.


  • Totally free.

#2 Atom 

Atom is an inter-code editor developed for all developers by developers whereas it is open-source, and users could indeed contribute packages and thematic to the source code in the same manner that WordPress users can. 

It looks great, and you can customize the style by trying to install themes. It features a built command line, intelligent auto-completion, a root filesystem browser, numerous panes, and locate and consider replacing.

Supports Windows, Mac, Linux platforms.


  • Intelligent autocompletion is a component that supports the Command Palette and numerous panes.
  • Cross-platform proofreading is possible with all of this Mac code editor.
  • Plugins are supported by an integrated package manager.


  • It is absolutely free.

#3 Bluefish

Bluefish is even more of an IDE than a text editor, so that might be a little developed for inexperienced users. 

Moreover, it’s free, open-source, and supports almost every language. It is also has a plethora of important functions that can be used all over multiple platforms. 

It is updated regularly by the group that has sprung up all around editors and is capable of handling some fairly complex code bases. Users can modify in full-screen mode or enclose the text however you like, and the strong search-and-replace format generally keeps neat. 

Also, the IDE also supports a variety of secure connections, so users won’t need a different FTP client because you can operate on their sites and repositories from anywhere from inside Bluefish.

Supports Linux BSD MacOS Windows Solaris platforms.


  • Modification in modified documents is automatically recovered after a collapse, kill, or temporarily shut down.
  • This is one of the finest IDEs for Mac, capable of loading thousands of files in a fraction of seconds.
  • Undo/redo feature is unlimited.
  • The project support function allows users to work proficiently on numerous projects at the same time.


  • Totally Free.

#4 Vim

Vim is a coder’s tool out from the official site to the source code itself.

After users have gotten past the UI and thus the steep learning curve, the user has understood why the software application is designed the way it is. 

It could do almost everything that the best text editors can do. But, perhaps more than anybody else on the list, it is intended for performance and functionality. 

Observing people’s code in Vim is similar to watching a concert pianist. The New interface is keystroke-based, and if users assumed Sublime Text’s keyboard shortcuts have been useful, you’ll love Vim once you’ve gotten used to being. 

If users attempt to use a text editor with a visual interface again, this will notice as if you’re continuing to work in a freeze-frame.

Even though Vim can be difficult to master, they designed a game for you to participate in order to know how this all works. 


  • Playback and recording of macros.
  • This coding editor is compatible with a variety of tools.
  • Thousands of programming languages and file types are supported.
  • Effective start looking and replace.


  • Free.

#5  Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code has rapidly now become the industry standard for software development. 

VS Code, along with most Windows computers nowadays, is available on various platforms. This means developers on Mac, Windows, and Linux can take advantage of this amazingly strong instrument. 

Although that is not an IDE (that is a separate outcome), VS Code can undertake almost all of the duties of an IDE with the right configuration and plugin library. 

Furthermore, the VS Code group is extremely enthusiastic, which also benefits all of us. Because VS Code is open source, the community works extremely difficult to retain it competitive with the rest of the field. 


  • Working with Git as well as other SCM (Software Configuration Management) suppliers is  super easy.
  • Debugging and refactoring of code
  • The whole Mac code editor is easily extensible and personalized.


  • Free.

#6 WeBuilder

WeBuilder is a powerful resource for people who work in almost any language, but it excels in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

It’s strong enough now that veteran coders will remain calm using it on a frequent basis, and it’s simple enough that newbies will feel more at ease beginning with it and progressing to its additional functionality. 

It allows you to assign code snippets to keyboard shortcuts for re-use so users don’t waste too much time trying to rewrite work you’ve now also done, and it includes IDE features such as integrated FTP. 

It is small and light and fast, and unlike other IDEs, it does not drag down or become sluggish. Even so, it is only compatible with Windows.


  • Users can modify directly on ones web server or publicise updates to your regional planning copy.
  • Webuiler provides cutting-edge and a go coding functionalities.
  • It includes a library of code snippets and code templates with assignable shortcuts.
  • Its PHP editor includes autocomplete, syntax checking, a debugging tools, a , and other features.
  • Code snippet library and code templates with assignable shortcuts are provided.


  • WeBuilder 2020  $89.95
  • In WeBuilder 2020 Personal  $59.95
  • WeBuilder 2020 Team License  $199.95
  • Free  version is also available.

#7 Sublime Text 

Sublime Text is a code editor that is very close to the industry norm, there’s a good reason for this. Also, it’s a big plus that it’s built for code, markup, and prose. 

They haven’t put as much thought into their epistolary workflows as, say, Scrivener or Final Draft, but you can do everything in one editor. As a result, sublime Text has an extremely active bundle archive that extends its functionalities further than the issue highlighted.

Sublime Text is a visually appealing, feature-rich code editor. Perhaps the most appealing aspect is that it prioritizes the experience for users. 

The user experience is possibly the best of any entry here on ranking. Furthermore, this is due to characteristics such as the symptom writing mode, quick shortcuts/search.


  • Plugin API for instant project switching and go to Anything quick search/shortcuts
  • A variety of options in writing mode with no distractions
  • Keyboard shortcuts in the Command Palette make everything go more smoothly.


  • Free!


My choice and recommendation will be Atom and Visual Studio Code to have the best full use of the website, affordable and to use its features to its whole.

Take time to select the best one, I hope my blog helps you to have an idea quickly looking at each of the Best Code Editor Software’s features. I found these Best Code Editor Softwares out of my own curiosity and hope you will also find them useful in your coding experience and find my ratings right according to their features and limitations. Share this blog with your Coding friend and follow our PublishSquare for more blogs like this.

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