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101+ Funny and Cocky Kahoot names

Kahoot! Is a super-fun learning website (also available as a mobile application) based on trivia and quizzes. It lets you get really innovative and funky with your Kahoot names and usernames.

With online classes for schools and colleges, there has been a huge drop in fun and interactive classes that we used to have.

That’s where Kahoot! steps in, with its innovative and broad categories of trivia it comes as a savior to teachers as well as students alike.

Its healthy competitive nature and captivating quiz boards will have you looking for new, exciting challenges.

Kahoot! lets you choose your purpose on the website. And when you sign in, initially you are asked if you want to join as a student, teacher, for personal use, or for professional.

But let us first show you how to change your Kahoot username.

You are probably not aware of the fact that Kahoot! only lets you change your username once a year.

So take your time in selecting and make sure you pick one that really appeals to you.

How to set your Kahoot usernames:

Step 1: Log in to your Kahoot account using the browser or open the Kahoot! app on your mobile

Step 2: Go to Settings under Edit Profile

Step 3: Select the Username which is just beside the profile photo and next to Name

Step 4: And now go ahead, enter any unique name you want (We’ve listed a few kickass ones below for your reference)

Step 5: Click “Done” to save your new username

Funny and Cocky Kahoot names:

  1. Big Daddy
  2. Too Cool for Quizzing
  3. Baby Veggie
  4. Funny Ferret
  5. Cool Cow
  6. Lazy LapDog
  7. Flying Croc
  8. Low Loser
  9. Crybaby
  10. Winner’s Dinner
  11. Big Feet
  12. Alpacino’s Butt
  13. Famous Win
  14. KeWin
  15. Winner Bandit
  16. Superwon
  17. Streaker
  18. Golden Duck
  19. Ugly Duckling Wins
  20. Slow Tortoise
  21. Loser Rabbit
  22. Leaping Leapord
  23. Panting Panther
  24. Slouching Couch
  25. Invisible Inventor
  26. Fashionable Loser
  27. Chandler WINg
  28. Golden Goose
  29. Leg Warmer
  30. PieceOfCake
  31. Watch Out
  32. Ms. Big Forehead
  33. Party Pooper
  34. Red Is the Imposter
  35. Valiant Victor
  36. Bamboozled!
  37. Gnarly ninja
  38. Invincible Imposter
  39. Door Devil
  40. Krying Koala
  41. Ugly Iguana
  42. Nerdy winner
  43. Ice crusher
  44. EasyPeezy
  45. Golden winner
  46. Golden Duck
  47. Kahoot Addict
  48. KaHooter
  49. KaShooter
  50. BeastOfTheBeauty
  51. QuizAcer
  52. AcerKing/Queen
  53. Quiz Whiz
  54. Harry’s Quill
  55. Snape’s Cloak
  56. Playing Panther
  57. Smelly Cat
  58. Exhausted Eel
  59. Ethusiastic Ellie
  60. 24/7 GettingEven
  61. NoNameUser
  62. MuffinMaker
  63. Winner gets the Dinner
  64. Chipper
  65. Loser Gooser
  66. LoseSnooze
  67. OverCooked
  68. WarIsOn
  69. Smartypants
  70. KingOfLame
  71. Have Hummus
  72. Trashy Trainer
  73. Quirky Queen
  74. Kahoot Star
  75. Cheesecake
  76. Jake Peralta
  77. Captain Holt
  78. Spicy Sushi
  79. Monkey Maniac
  80. GoAT
  81. Salty Sunshine
  82. Silver Cloud
  83. Messy BlackBoard
  84. Injurious to health
  85. Username not found
  86. Hot chocolate
  87. Smokin’ Poking
  88. Side Kick
  89. Instant Win
  90. Instant Coffee
  91. Dalgona 2.0
  92. SmallTownBigFun
  93. Level Up To Me
  94. On cloud 9
  95. Yeazyy
  96. Lollipop
  97. Firecracker
  98. Apple Crumble Pie
  99. Pizza Fizzz
  100. A block of Gouda
  101. Joey doesnt share food!
  102. Dr. Geller
  103. KaScooter

Kahoot Avatar Upload/Change

But when it comes to changing the Avatar picture on Kahoot! there has been a lot of confusion.

While changing or uploading your avatar on Kahoot! you should know that you can only complete this action on its official website and not through the mobile application.

Step 1: Click on the Menu at the top left corner of your screen

Step 2: Nest you scroll down and select Settings

Step 3: Under User Information, select the Add picture icon

Step 4: Once you click on “Add Picture” you’ll be given 3 choices to select from Photo Library, Take a Photo (for the really confident people out there), and Browse

Step 5: Select the picture you wish to upload and click Save

And your picture should now be updated!


Kahoot! Is a really innovative platform that you should not miss out on. Go ahead and create your Kahoot! Account and take full advantage of all the wonderful quizzes and trivial questions it showers. Kahoot names are difficult to come up with and hence, above we’ve furnished you with kahoot names that will suit any account.

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