6 Benefits of Facebook Business Manager

6 Benefits of Facebook Business Manager, Facebook Business Manager is a one-stop solution to organize and manage your business.

6 Benefits of Facebook Business Manager


Separate your personal profile from your business page. This means you no longer have to worry about privacy concerns or accidentally posting something that’s meant for your Facebook personal profile to your Facebook page.


Effectively manage multiple Facebook ad accounts and pages in one place. This means you have a central location to keep track of your ads and post-performance, which makes it easier to organize your efforts.


Securely share access with multiple people. You can give access to agencies, partners, or vendors without giving ownership of your business assets.


Control how much access each employee has based on their role. This simplifies the process of delegating tasks and overseeing what your employees are doing without risking security.


Easily revoke access for people who no longer work for you. Again, because personal profiles are not tied to your or your client’s Facebook page, it’s easy to maintain an up-to-date roster in the business manager.


Build different custom audiences for different ad campaigns. This is particularly useful for agencies that have to run ads for multiple clients, as well as for businesses that are targeting different types of audiences.

Roles in Facebook Business-Manager

What are the different types of roles for page managers?

1. Admin

An admin can do anything that any role can do.

This is why you should strictly limit who has this role.

2. Financial Editor

An editor is the one who’s gonna create content for your page and manage the day-to-day activities of your business.

3. Financial Analyst

The analyst has access to financial details such as transactions, invoices, account spending, and payment methods.

4. Advertiser

This person has the responsibility of creating ads for your page and will have access to view Page Insights as well.

5. Moderator

The moderator caters to the customers.

They answer questions, reply to comments, etc.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

As the name suggests, the Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows you to manage multiple Facebook Pages, business assets, and ad accounts, as well as Instagram accounts and product catalogs in one place.


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