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65+ Best OG Minecraft Name Ideas

minecraft name ideas

Are you in search of some Minecraft name ideas that will leave your online friends stunned? Well, here we are with a bunch of cool Minecraft names and usernames you can choose from.

Minecraft has been around for quite a while now. And there have been no successful attempts of recreating a similar gaming platform. With such varied options and timely updates, this game is here to stay.

Like any other gaming experience, Minecraft calls for a unique username from each user. This is pretty clean, and coming up with Minecraft name ideas that aren’t taken anymore is all entertainment but it’s a chore no less. Although, before we dive into names, let’s see what the requirements from the Minecraft game are.

Minecraft username requirements:

  1. Your username can be from 3 to 16 characters.
  2. The only special character you can use in your username is the underscore (_).
  3. You are allowed to use numbers, lowercase letter and uppercase letters in your username.

NOTE: However as a player, you must keep in mind that you can change or modify your Minecraft username only once a month.

What to avoid in your Minecraft name:

  1. One thing to to avoid is a numerical username. It is hard to remember. You can use numbers in your username but you can’t make up the entire username with numbers.
  2. Avoid usernames that look like complicated passwords suggested by Google. Your username should be actual words that people can pronounce.
  3. Avoid trying to copy usernames of other players. Although it maybe the easy way out, it causes confusion.
  4. Don’t try too hard to sound cool. However this doesn’t mean you can simply not care about your Minecraft username.

Cool Minecraft name ideas

  1. Assault W3apon
  2. Dead Assasin
  3. BeatDrop05
  4. Grenade Blow-Up
  5. Vaporizer Gun
  6. Crash Touch
  7. Devils Shield
  8. Night Priest
  9. BulletDodger
  10. Tribed Cyborg
  11. Techno Trib3
  12. Captain Coil
  13. SickShooter
  14. NinjaStar649
  15. BlockBust3r78
  16. BombCrusher
  17. SwordJuggler964
  18. KillerAimz
  19. NoPlaceLikeMine
  20. PrepareToDi3
  21. Invictus warrior
  22. BloodthirstyManiac

OG Minecraft name ideas

  1. MineHunter
  2. MineReader
  3. WarriorMiner
  4. MinerKnight
  5. BlockShatter
  6. CultCity
  7. Immortal Miner
  8. Starwreck Sos
  9. KillerKnight
  10. TinyMineMan
  11. BulkySoldier
  12. CrashAtMyHouse
  13. MountainLioner
  14. FullyDecked
  15. CoolCap (Your Name)
  16. Homewreck476
  17. BobTheMiner
  18. ViperJoe
  19. PsychDog
  20. AtomBuilder
  21. Trooper Trecker
  22. KnocturnalMiner

Amazing Minecraft names ideas

  1. BigReaper946
  2. BullRider76
  3. MaskedKiller303
  4. LyncherBoy
  5. BlowingUpMines
  6. Good Ol’ Miner
  7. Destroyer Of Hell
  8. FatalArmy675
  9. JanissaryArmy
  10. ToxicGrenade
  11. Toxic Miner
  12. FireHead Booster
  13. CovidKiller
  14. Mine4Line
  15. Mistake3Mining
  16. SuitUp Soldier
  17. HackerMine
  18. LadyBones531
  19. NightTime Miner
  20. Survival instinct101
  21. Jarvis4Mining
  22. FlyingFinisher


Minecraft has a massive gamer base. This makes it difficult to come up with a username that is unique. However, the above-listed Minecraft name ideas are for you to use in any way. The lists above contain numerous ideas, So, you can mix and match them up with other names to come up with something unique for yourself to use.

Although Minecraft can be considered as a game that’s been on the market for a long time, it is still used just as enthusiastically. Its users are loyal to the game and continue to do because there hasn’t been another game that matches up to its standard of quality and consistency.

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