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70+ Minecraft Server Rules

Each Minecraft server needs a set of Minecraft Server Rules and guidelines to define its culture.

Your Minecraft Server Rules help members understand what is and aren’t acceptable behaviour.

Members can do whatever they want on your server if there are no regulations.

Without Minecraft Server Rules, gamers may harass other players, commit fraud, or promote other servers.

As a result, users that join your server as newcomers can end up leaving.

The retention rate of your server will also drop as a result.

However, because they might not immediately spring to mind, rules might be challenging to formulate.

For SMP, survival, and faction servers, this page includes a list of useful Minecraft server rules, templates, and suggestions.

What is the name of a Minecraft server that has no rules?

The term “Minecraft Anarchy server” refers to a server that has no regulations.

There are very few restrictions and no bans on a Minecraft Anarchy server.

Hacking and griefing are both permits without prohibits.

Anarchy servers are frequent characterise as hostile or pessimistic.

However, the lack of regulations makes them appealing to many players.

In Anarchy servers, profanity, threats, and offensive material are also frequent.

You must go far away from these servers’ spawn points in order to construct because they are frequent destroy.

On a Minecraft server, how can I set rules?

Minecraft Server Rules

By adding the “Essentials” plugin to your Minecraft server, you may add new rules.

  1. All participants must have proper, non-offensive usernames.
  2. Your Minecraft skin must be tasteful and not disrespectful to our community.
  3. Grieving is wrong and will also result in a lifetime ban.
  4. Trespassing is entering another player’s base without their consent.
  5. Killing another player’s pets, animals, or name-tagged mobs prohibits.
  6. Don’t beg or ask for anything for free.
  7. Then, avoid using hacks or cheats to obtain advantages that are not typically possible during normal gaming.
  8. Then, never construct a farm of any kind with the intent to tax or negatively affect the server.
  9. Don’t make modifications that direct your player or trigger automatic behaviour.
  10. Please alert a staff member if you disagree with another player or feel uneasy about their words.
  11. In public chat rooms, only use English.
  12. English is the only language that may in worldwide conversation.
  13. Do not harass staff members or other gamers.
  14. Prohibited to assume the identity of staff members or other gamers.
  15. Don’t exchange any things for real money or other forms of payment.
  16. Don’t promote other servers in public or private chat.
  17. Never divulge any information about your account to anyone.
  18. Don’t use abusive language or produce inappropriate content.
  19. Also don’t do any form of malicious threats made to other players.
  20. Don’t send personal information without the owner’s permission.
  21. Please refrain from attempting to con other gamers by using our server.
  22. A permanent ban impose for any threat or actual effort to DOX, DDoS, SWAT, or any other player or server.
  23. Don’t send any unsuitable or harmful links.
  24. Don’t repeatedly transmit the same message in public chat.
  25. Please inform a staff member of any impolite gamers you come across.
  26. Please check with a staff member if you are unsure.
  27. In public conversation, it is forbidden to use profanity, racism, or prejudice.
  28. Spoilers shouldn’t be sent in public conversation.
  29. Links that are judged offensive or harmful are not permitted.
  30. Keep the conversation polite and acceptable for everybody.
  31. It is forbidden to use language that might mislead or confuse other participants.
  32. Avoid joking or conversing about improper topics.
  33. It’s against the rules to be impolite or engage in a heated debate with other players.
  34. Don’t go around the word filter.
  35. Unwanted behaviour toward a player must stop immediately.
  36. Don’t be extremely disrespectful or abusive to another player.
  37. Do not seriously threaten another player in any way.
  38. Builds that are inappropriate are prohibited.
  39. It is forbidden to make use of a server flaw or defect to acquire an unfair advantage.
  40. Don’t use a different account to get around a ban.
  41. Don’t use Useless scripts and automated software.
  42. Anything on the server may not advertise by you.
  43. It is forbidden to lie to employees.
  44. A contribution made to a shop or a purchase made there cannot be the subject of a dispute.
  45. Don’t constantly send out directives that are bad for other players.
  46. Also, don’t use things that are not commonly seen in-game on any other server.
  47. Don’t abuse chat, commands, or other channels of communication by using several accounts.
  48. On the server, it is forbidden to engage in behaviour that is criminal.
  49. In an open conversation, never share URLs to any other Discord servers.
  50. Anything improper is not to discuss in public conversation.
  51. When you cut down a tree, please plant another one.
  52. It’s forbidden to make or use TNT on the server.
  53. Don’t theft of another player’s stuff.
  54. Don’t trap teleports.
  55. Large buildings made of cobblestones are good to do.
  56. Without rebinding, all clicks manually (on a mouse).
  57. Don’t share account information via conversation.
  58. Use private messaging if you wish to communicate in a language other than English.
  59. Don’t keep pleading or asking for a moderator position.
  60. Do not invite other players to violate the rules.
  61. Please notify a staff member if you see any players breaking the rules.
  62. Don’t repeatedly request teleports.
  63. In the conversation, don’t do excessive use of the caps lock.
  64. Never be critical of other players or the server.
  65. Please place your building 100 blocks away from that of another player.
  66. Then, avoid scattering lava or water over the map.
  67. not to continuously beg or plead for supplies or weapons.
  68. However, it is wrong to utilise accounts in a ban.
  69. Have decent OG Minecraft names.
  70. On the server, avoid using any offensive terminology.
  71. Respect one another and be courteous to one another.
  72. Drama, politics, and religion permit conversation.
  73. In communication, avoid using any flashy or buggy characters.
  74. Then, do not dispute with or bully employees.
  75. Please maintain an all-ages-welcoming chat room.
  76. Never steal from the scene of another player’s death.
  77. Do not alter the builds of other players without their permission.
  78. Please transplant the farm’s crops after you’ve harvested them.


For a few reasons, adding rules to your Minecraft server is crucial.

First and foremost, rules will also aid in preserving harmony and stability on your server.

However, setting a “No-grief” rule is crucial if you have an SMP server.

This will also stop members from damaging one another’s constructions.

Second, regulations will also boost the retention rate of your server.

A well-run server will certainly attract more players in the long run.

Additionally, you or your staff members have the authority to discipline someone for breaking a rule.

Temporary and permanent bans are the most typical sanctions.

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