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Free GeoGuessr Alternatives (You Must Try)

GeoGuessr Alternatives
GeoGuessr Alternatives

GeoGuessr alternatives: GeoGuessr is a good geography game that players or dropped somewhere on the world map in a street view and their mission is to find clues. With that close, the user has to guess the location where they are on the world map. 

GeoGuessr game uses Google map for this purpose and in the beginning, it is free to play. But now that game is converted into a premium version. The free version is also available but the quality of the game in the free version is not like before.

So many GeoGuessr game lovers like you or searching for GeoGuessr game alternatives. So in this blog, we are going to see about the GeoGuessr alternatives with their features in detail.

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Free GeoGuessr Alternatives

Play Geography

Play Geography GeoGuessr Alternatives

Play geography another good geography-based game. It is not like GeoGuessr but this game has many geography quizzes. So if you want to learn geography in an interesting this game may be a great companion for you.

Visit Play Geography

Why this game is good?

  • This game has 4 game modes and they are flag games, capital games, provinces of a country, and country location
  • Each of these game modes has 5 to 10 sections based on the country and each section has 30 questions
  • Users can also choose the difficulty level. The interesting part of this game is it is a time-based game. So if you answer more questions in a given time you can get more points.
  • This platform also a facility to share this is via Google classroom
  • This game is completely free and users can play it anywhere using a web browser


  • Even though it is a good geography game it is only available on the web. So you need an internet connection to play this game
  • It contains advertisement

City Guesser

City Guesser GeoGuessr Alternatives

This game is developed after the GeoGuessr deserve and many of its features were inspired by the former so it is a great free GeoGuessr game alternative. Most importantly this game is very simple and easy to play so this is best for beginners

Visit City Guesser

Why this game is good?

  • This game is mostly similar to GeoGuessr but very simple than that
  • The process to start this game is very simple you just need your browser and the internet connection to play this
  • You have to select a location set the difficulty level and start playing the game importantly this game doesn’t require any sign up to play
  • 4 game modes are in this game that includes streaks multiplayer driving through and the walking tour
  • In multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends and compete against each other via game rooms
  • This platform also has challenges like no moving and time limit challenges. So you can challenge yourself with this


  • You can access this game only via a web browser. No applications for available for this game
  • This platform also contains ads


Geotastic GeoGuessr Alternatives

It is here a crowd-funded geography game and one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives. Because this game supports multiplayer and it allows users to create a local game or an online lobby game for multiplayer games

Visit Geotastic

Why this game is good?

  • The first point is this game is very simple to play user have to interpret their surrounding to find out where they are
  • They can play this game with your street view or using the provided maps. Importantly play us often get free guesses, so they can use this as a hint to find the location
  • The multiplayer mode in this game is good because only the game creator needs to have an account in Geotastic. So other players can easily join the online lobby without an account
  • Challenge mode is also in this game so users can easily beat their challenge day
  • The last important point in GeoGuessr testing is a user can create their map. But to do this they have to contact the developer to have the math they have created


Crowd fun that game so if the donations stop this game will crash

World Geography Games

world geography games

This is another free GeoGuessr alternator and it is mainly developed for kids and adults who want to improve their geography knowledge. So if you want to improve your geography knowledge or want to train your student in geography this game will help you

Visit World Geography Games

Why this game is good? 

  • Users can play this game in two ways one is they can guess the location as another normal GeoGuessr alternative. Another base user can atom with about countries, flags, regions, etc
  • Apart from that users can also take quizzes on volcanoes islands atmosphere mountains and deserts too
  • This game features more than 193 countries including some Asian and South American countries to
  • To play the world geography games you don’t need an account. So you can play this game for free
  • This game provides an unlimited amount of attempts for the user and the maximum score is 25 points


  • This game is only available on the web and no mobile applications for created yet
  • No multiplayer mode is available in this game



It is one of the top free GeoGuessr alternatives and this game covers history biography other than geography. So if you want to improve your knowledge about the topic you can try this game

Visit Ducksters

Why this game is good?

  • Unlike other GeoGuessr alternatives, this game covers other topics than geography
  • This game covers all continents but it is highly focused on our geography and its States
  • Users can play a quiz on lakes, deserts, glaciers islands, and more
  • Apart from quiz user can also play crossword puzzles, geography words searches, guess the country, etc
  • This game is completely free to use but you can only play this game in their website


  • Ducksters is a web-based game and it doesn’t have any mobile applications. 
  • The version is also not mobile responsive
  • Users are provided with only three gases for each round so if you failed to guess the correct answer it will show the right answer


In this blog, we have seen about GeoGuessr alternatives that are available for free to play. So if you want to improve your geography skills or train your students on geography then you can try the about mentioned games. But these games are only available in web versions, so you need an internet connection to play these games.

Other than that these games will be really good to improve your Geography Skills. So let’s start your geography learning in a fun way like these. I hope you like this blog and if it is so share this with your friends. Follow Publish Square for more blogs like this.

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