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10 Best World Building Games & Apps

World Building Games Apps have always been present in mobile games since the social evolution, the point when many previously Facebook-only games moved to smaller displays.

SimCity, initially released in 1989, began the development of the world-building game. Since then, the field has added more titles to its collection every single year.

You can use world-building software packages such as apps and games to bring your ideal to life.

It is the kind of game you would like to play when you just want to relax, as opposed to games with great intensity.

Word-building games will challenge the fire out of your imagination without requiring you to jam the controls in order to win.

However, world-building games can be highly touched.

Some of the most realistic world-building programs have recently been produced by developers.

Now let’s have a look at the best world-building games app.

#1 Townsmen

Townsmen is a game about creating ancient cities where you begin with a little village and work to build a vast ancient empire.

When technology isn’t as advanced as it is now, you’ll have a lot to cope with—from trying to establish manufacturing chains and an economy to dealing with natural disasters destroying your world.

 There are many difficulties in the past.

Since the game is set in the medieval age, you must essentially start from scratch and construct your modest city into an empire from zero.

In order to maintain a happy population, you must construct facilities and offer services.

Available on: iOS & Android

#2 The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons: Tapped Out introduces some fun into the city-building genre by requiring cooperation from the residents before you can begin to rebuild the town from the ground up.

It is one of the best World-Building games.

Tapped Out, a video game based on the famous television series The Simpsons, lets you control Springfield and communicate with other well-known Simpsons characters.

After you’ve found every character and returned them to their families, you can even grow Springfield and add new structures to make it totally yours.

Available on: iOS & Android

#3 Banished

Banished has a fairly simple goal that is to guide your band of displaced adventurers to start over in a new country, where they can eventually develop a healthy new society.

You are in charge of a small group of refugees in Banished who have been banished from the kingdom by the lord.

As a result, you cut out your own route, create a neighborhood, and start a brand-new colony.

You must also consider how you will survive the hard winter weather.

For those seeking a city-builder that provides something a little bit different, Banished is ideal.

Available on: iOS & Android

#4 Anno 1404

Anno 1404 is one of the best world-building games.

Dawn of Discovery, another name for Anno 1404, allows the player to establish their own country while exploring, trading and learning new technologies to help in the growth of their empire.

To ensure that the requirements of the people are addressed, the player must occupy islands, plan settlements, establish factories and farms, participate in naval and ground battles with competitors, and more.

This game is suitable for beginners as well.

Available on: iOS & Android

#5 The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a spin strategy game that requires you to manage and expand a map by finding and using tiles for your personal gain.

In this game you must battle other tribes to become the dominant tribe in this game, using the resources available to you to develop new technologies and fight enemies.

You can here let your inner power to grow and fight loose.

Available on: Android & iOS

#6 DomiNations

DomiNations is another city-building game where you must battle with opposing nations and evaluate defenses.

It typically ranks among the top free world-building games.

After choosing a well-known civilization from history, you must begin developing your town while considering battle tactics and making an effort to survive.

 There are a lot of strategies involved in what you are doing, as well as things that could go wrong also.

It looks even better than it plays out.

You won’t even be aware that you’ve been playing for a while because you’ll be so engaged in the game.

Available on: Android & iOS

#7 Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines focuses on everything from economy and traffic patterns to water flow and power.

The game has established itself as one of the most authentic experiences available in a world-building game.

The only thing you have to do is create a self-sufficient, affordable city on your own.

You will need to pay close attention to even the smallest things to make sure everything goes as planned.

The great part about Cities: Skylines is that you don’t have to be a skilled builder or expert at creating cities because the main goal is to create the best metropolis you can.

Available on: iOS & Android

#8 City Island 5

City Island involves you attempting to create your own island up to a prosperous city with the little gold and cash you were provided with.

You can start by building a few modest homes and grow a city from them over time.

There are a variety of difficulties in City Islands, such as quests and pirates, that can keep the gaming fresh.

To accomplish the objectives, you must perform challenges in order to gather, improve, and decorate the city.

In the end, you’ll need to employ your loot prizes as a boost to grow your city by constructing houses, better roads, malls, parks, etc.

Available on: iOS & Android

#9 Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a world-building game that includes time periods from the stone age to the present.

It allows you to research and transform outdated structures into more useful modern structures to start creating your city.

With the help of the advanced trading system, you may build up a global trade ship as well as explore your island in search of rich mineral deposits or investigate the remains of hard civilizations.

Up to four players can build structures on the same island in Tropico 5’s brand-new online multiplayer mode, where they can share the costs, work, and even electricity.

Players can also trade money, engage in conflict, and even go to war with one another.

Available on: iOS & Android

#10 Megapolis

Megapolis combines strategy into its city-building game since you must design a city in accordance with market rules.

As a result, it is important to carefully consider your choices and the things you produce because if not, your infrastructure may fail.

In Megapolis, there are competitions where you can develop a military and display your world.

This is also one of the best world-building games.

Available on: iOS & Android


These are the top video games for building the world. Every game has a unique strategy. It will keep you interested the entire time while you play each game.

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