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Finding people on Snapchat

finding people on snapchat

Snapchat is the app where people are obsessed with keeping up their snap scores and making new friends. So amidst this craze, how do you go around finding people on Snapchat?

It is quite tough to find people on Snapchat unless you know their exact username. Finding people on Snapchat can be simplified using the Snap Map.

Snap Map is basically a map where Snapchat allows its users to find other users and view their stories. It is also the place where you can make friends who live near you.

Snap Map lets you view stories that are being posted in areas surrounding you. You can view them as well as see who posted them. And that way you can add them to your friends list.

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1. Quick Add

“Quick Add” is one way in which you can find friends. This section suggests people you might know.

“Quick Add” suggests mutual friends who are on Snapchat, such as your friends’ friends

On your main Snapchat page (Snapchat camera), tap on the + icon.

This opens a page with several people, called the “Quick Add”. Here you can add your mutual friends or people who’s contact you have saved on your phone.

2. View the Snap Map

Snap Map is Snapchat’s very own map. It is the easiest way of finding people on Snapchat. It shows where each user is and what they’re adding to the story.

In Snap Map you can view stories posted by others and how long ago they posted it.

For example, if a user has posted a story two hours back, it shows: “2h ago.” And if its over 24 hours then it displays the day they posted it on such as “Tue”.

When you open your Snapchat, your screen automatically opens its camera. To view your Snap map there are 2 ways to go about it.

WAY 1. On your Snapchat home page (i.e, Snapchat’s camera), there is a location icon at the bottom left corner. Just tap the icon to view the Snap Map. And from there you can view your friends’ bitmojis and even people who are not your friends on the app.

Your friends’ bitmojis are placed on the map at the locations they are currently at.

WAY 2. Open your Snapchat application. The homepage is Snapchat’s camera, swipe once and you’ll see your chats with your friends. Swipe again, and you’ll be taken to the Snap Map where you’ll be able to view stories that are being posted around you.

Once you get to the Snap Map, you’ll see translucent blue spots around your bitmoji.

These are areas where users are posting their stories. So when you open to view their stories make sure to check when they posted their stories.

If they have posted it recently, then they might be in the same area. If its been a while then they must have left the area.

Adding New Friends

When you tap to view stories on the map, they will mention the user who posted them at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on the “View Creator” option to see who posted the story.

Then you can click on “Add” to add them as friends on Snapchat and wait for them to add you back. Once they do, you can snap each other.

But the user has to add their story to “Our Story” for it to be featured on the Snap Map. If they haven’t added it to “Our Story” then you will not be able to view their story.

Also note that “View Creator” will not always be displayed as per Snapchat.

It is quite a difficult process, But it is your best bet.

What is Snap Map?

The best part about Snap Map is that you can view stories from across the world!

Snap Map is also a website you can go on and view stories from all over the world. From France to Korea, you can now view beautiful Snapchat stories.

Tap on the translucent blue spots to view stories from that particular region.


Snap Map is the best way to find people near you on Snapchat. Although it may not work always.

Quick Add is another way you can add people. This option is based on your contact and your Snapchat friends’ mutuals.

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