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100 Cool, Funny, and Best Call of Duty (COD) names

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Call Of Duty is the most popular shootout game there is and everyone wants cool profiles with the best COD names. The online gaming application has taken the world by storm. Everybody we know is on Call Of Duty or has played it at least once. And rightfully so, the game is highly addictive. Every update comes with new features and add-ons that only make the gaming experience even better.

One of the key exciting parts of gaming is creating your name on the platform. This requires thought as the usernames can never be repeated and hence, this makes it hard. Let’s see how you can come up with the best Call Of Duty names.

How to come up with your own Call Of Duty name?

Your COD name is how other players get to know you and since you cant change it whenever you obviously need to come up with a name that you can go on with for a while. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re trying to come up with the best COD names.

  1. The first thing you should determine is whether you want a comedic name or a badass-rebel name. This way you set up your characters aura.
  2. You can never go wrong with rhyming usernames. One way to do it is to use alliterations, where the first letter of both words use the same alphabet.
  3. Using references from sci-fi movies in your COD name is a great idea. So go ahead and add pop culture or cool references from movies or songs of your desire.

Now, if you’ve got an idea for a name then that’s great! But if not, you have nothing to worry about. Read ahead to select the best Call Of Duty name that suits your COD character. You can even try mixing and matching the names below or add digits to come up with something only you would have. Go crazy with your Call Of Duty name!

Funny Call Of Duty Names

  1. BaeSlayer
  2. ScootOver
  3. RealTime Killer
  4. PeterPoker
  5. Thors Hammer
  6. Smokey Salami
  7. Quinns Sidekick
  8. Binge-Killer
  9. Baby Shark
  10. Dr. Peculiar
  11. Death Eater
  12. Eye Shot
  13. Devils Damage
  14. Masked Rioter
  15. Booty Shooter
  16. OnDutyJoker
  17. Ghost Slayer
  18. On LookOut
  19. Gun Head
  20. Death Machine
  21. KoolKiller
  22. RichPsych
  23. KillDance
  24. Missed Shot
  25. JumpTheGun

Badass Call Of Duty Names

  1. Man Eater
  2. Siren Slayer
  3. Head Buster
  4. Winged Warrior
  5. CyberShot
  6. Ghost strike
  7. CodeBreaker
  8. Skull Crusher
  9. Throat Slasher
  10. HeadShot
  11. BladePunch
  12. Wolf Paw
  13. Untamed Bull
  14. Eagle’s Sniper
  15. Horn Head
  16. SlyKeeper
  17. Serial Shooter
  18. Hunter God
  19. Pro Predator
  20. Alpha Huntsman
  21. God Of Destruction
  22. Hades909
  23. DarkSniper
  24. BattleWound
  25. HadesFromHell

Best Call Of Duty Names

  1. Raged Rider
  2. Sniper God
  3. God Hunter
  4. Alpha Wolf
  5. WolfGang
  6. LazyEyeShot
  7. KillerGuy
  8. WarCry
  9. SirenHead
  10. SpiderCrawl
  11. Shipwrecker
  12. BloodBadge
  13. GatewayToLucifer
  14. WarLord(your name)
  15. Player 456
  16. MughalBlood
  17. DayOfDestruct
  18. Dooms Day Shenanigan
  19. SonOfDillinger
  20. Lucifer’s Horn
  21. TimeTurner
  22. Shootout
  23. Guns And Snipes
  24. Bloody Masked Manager
  25. Feared Murderer Of Indiana

Trendy Call Of Duty Names

  1. Sword Of The Worlds
  2. NocturnalVoid
  3. Kill Shooter
  4. Eye Out For Kills
  5. Immortal Ninja
  6. DragonBreath
  7. FireFlame
  8. Scarred Soldier
  9. Tiger Clawer
  10. FireLoops
  11. ArrowHead Warrior
  12. Spear Fighter
  13. Secret Assasin
  14. Sly Snakehead
  15. BathingBlood
  16. Fearless Wazir
  17. Wrecked Nightmare
  18. CacklingWitch
  19. Jokers Smile
  20. Aimed At Death
  21. Deathly Vision
  22. Silent Samurai
  23. King Of Chaos
  24. Rock Heart Heathen
  25. Shark Eyed Shooter

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