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The Essential Guide to Building Your SaaS Company

Growing a SAAS Company
Growing a SAAS Company

The growth from the first customer and to the 1000 customers was not a cakewalk. We faced a lot of obstacles, but at the end of the day, we made a path through those situations. Growing a SaaS company is just like growing a Coconut tree, you can’t expect the tree to grow and give you the fruit within 1 or 2 years. It takes time and effort to grow into a healthy tree and then you can expect a lot of fruits out of it. 

Be optimistic and manifest the number of your dreams to achieve into reality. Value your company and the service you’re providing for your customers. 

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Key characteristics of SaaS:

*SOURCE CODE: A programmer enables the help of a computer programming language and makes instructions and statements. This is known as source code. 

*CUSTOMIZATION: This is done based on what the customer wants. This is done according to the needs of the customer. Another main thing to note is that the customization must be easy to use and friendly. 

*ACCESSIBILITY: This ensures that SaaS provides better availability to data over the internet. It also provides easy access to information at any point in time. 

10 key ingredients for startup success:

1 . Take necessary action to solve an issue

The sooner you solve an issue it’s easier to keep the customers in line and provide the services to keep the problems away. 

The reason why most companies can’t go beyond their expectation is that they don’t take issues seriously. And at times if the customers don’t feel like they’re not taken care of. They end the service. And that’s how some of the companies are stuck to the same level. 

If actions or remedies are not quick enough to make an impression upon the customer. They lose that customer forever. We never go to the worst-reviewed place. If we value our money and time we don’t make this mistake. 

So make the customer feel valued and respect their time.

If you want the people to spend money on you, make them feel like you’re the ultimate destination to solve their problem. Acknowledge and hear them out. If you’re loyal to them they will also be loyal to you as well. 

“Feel free to tackle, and resolve problems with ease and patience

2. Tell them how you’re unique from others

Grow from your initial point, otherwise, you can always be replaced. 

Until and unless you show the customer how you’re the one for them, you would be replaced by any other competition. 

People will follow you if you lead the way. Most of the SaaS doesn’t make it to the end because they can’t solve problems and when this issue is not solved within a limited amount of time. Customers become irritated and they search for other best opportunities. 

3. It’s about mindset, make failures your best example

It’s about changing your mindset, if you don’t resolve issues and waste your time by thinking about them, nothing’s going to change. So take immediate action and never spend your time stressing about things. 

Have a great mindset, by always visioning yourself as the leading company and providing world-class service, trust your dreams it will lead you. Take action by discussing and resolving the current issues one by one. 

4. How to approach your customers? 

This is one of the main things that change the dynamic of your company. People want problems out of their life. Then form a friendly system that makes everything easy and approachable. 

If you can make an impression on others and if you help them to sort out the problems, the chances of them leaving the company are less. 

Always be polite and friendly to them. Be patient when they’re not and guide them to solve the problems. 

The customers can act as potential helpers to promote the company. By this, the company can gain more people and hence increase the number of customers accessing the company. 

5. Take lessons from your competitions

Yes, it’s possible, you can learn from other companies’ mistakes. Let’s say if a company named X suddenly changes its service at a higher rate. If they increase the price of their service by 10x, that is good for our company to gain their customers.

In a stressful situation like this, you can gain several customers by just helping them to solve their current problems. Through this, we can gain their trust and there’s a high chance for our company to grow at least twice the amount of the company’s earlier growth because we resolved the issues with minimum time and saved the time of the potential customers. 

If the company didn’t approach this situation the company could have lost potential customers. It’s about how you approach the situation at the right time. By finding opportunities at an unexpected time and using it to the advantage of the companies growth.

6. Pleasant atmosphere for co-workers

This is also an important aspect that can change the game of a company in the competitive market. The workers are the real resources of the company that works for the company day and night. 

So these are some measures to promote a pleasant atmosphere for co-workers:

1. Don’t burden them with more work. 

2. Safe and happy atmosphere for everyone. 

3. A good HR department. 

4. A good internal system to ensure the workers are doing great. 

5. Adequate training

6. Incentives and bonus 

7. A trip for the company workers to keep them away from monotonous work and enrich and refresh their minds. 

8. Celebrate the success of the company. 

9. Help the workers in need and make policies for their benefit. 

10. Always promote healthy discussion and appreciate the outstanding performance of workers. 

These are some of the measures used to enrich and refresh the minds of workers. 

7. Tackle one situation at a time

The main reason why most SaaS startups fail is that they don’t concentrate on one topic. Their poor strategy to resolve the problem is the main issue. 

It is wise to use your full potential to settle one matter at a time. It is always good to sort out one issue and then move on to the next one. 

In most of the companies what happens is that they try to tackle a lot of issues at the same time and they fail miserably and because of this, they lose faithful customers during the process. 

If you handle one problem at a time the advantage is that you can save the time of both parties ( company, customer). When all the heads work together it is easier to find solutions and can also form a backup plan if that solution doesn’t work at all. 

When you try to balance or engage in more than two or three activities you can’t come up with the best solution to sort the problem. You just come up with a solution to keep the system working.

What happens is that after some time there would be piled-up problems and that is not good for the SaaS company. 

8. Best Team members

It’s a vital role of the company to hire the best team members. Humans are resources and they can help the company to improve their work. 

If the right team members are placed together at the right time, it can do wonders. The best team always brings out the best decision and solutions that are vital for the growth of the company. 

It is very important to hire the best ones and then combine all the workers to bring the best out of everyone. The leading SaaS companies like Adobe, Atlassian, Freshworks, Google, SAP, etc have the world’s best team members. 

For the growth of the company hiring a fresher or an experienced person doesn’t matter. It depends upon how good they are at their work. It is beneficial for the company to hire the best team members to yield more income and to be the best SaaS company. 

9. Maintain a cordial relationship with the customers

Most of the failures happen when they don’t understand what their customers want. Always have a great relationship with the customers. If the system is friendly to use and easily accessible they may likely suggest it to other people. 

This will be a great advantage for the company because through this the goodness of the company is promoted. Most people listen to their peers and take their advice so if the company maintains a warm relationship with the customers may refer it to their peers and friends and family circle. 

10. Value your service

A company should grow and for this to happen the turnover of the company must increase annually. Growth is necessary for the company to expand its service and company as well. After every year there must be steady growth for the company. Increase the price of the service according to the company policy. 

When you increase the price rate make sure it is affordable and genuine. If the customer feels like it’s not genuine there’s a higher chance for the company to lose all the loyal customers. 

And if the competitor offers them a great deal, likely, they would no longer need our service. 

So always keep the market scenario in mind when they change the price rate. 


These are some of the measures that anyone thinking about starting a SaaS company should keep in mind. At the end of the day, always strive to make an impact in the life of the people around you, and then as the time passes by you can see a change in your mindset and also with the people around you. 

Always remember to smile a little when you fall, it’s because the future awaits a much bigger plan and that fall was just a lesson you learned to mold you inside and out. 

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