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Why am I not receiving the Instagram security code?

instagram security code

Have you not been receiving your security code from Instagram? Does it say that the code has been sent but still haven’t gotten it?

Well, in many cases you will be needing your Instagram’s security code to log in.

Or if Instagram has detected a suspicious entry through a new device into your account, it will ask you to log in through a security code.

Without Instagram’s security code you will not be able to access your account.

The security code will be sent to your phone number that is linked to your Instagram account.

This guide will help you find your security code.

Why is Instagram not sending the security code?

In the most common cases, the reason behind not receiving the security code is due to blockage.

This means you must unblock your blocked contacts. In the past, you may have blocked Instagram’s number.

This will directly detect the sender and block the message with the security code.

After you unblock your contacts, go back to Instagram and resend the code. It is most likely that you will now receive your Instagram security code.

However, the ways to unblock your contacts are different on Android and iPhone.

How to unblock contacts on Android?

Go to your contacts on your Android device.

Click on the three-dot menu on the top right corner of your screen.

A small menu with three options pops up: Call history, Settings, Help & Feedback.

three dot menu

Click on Settings.

Next, among many options select Blocked Contacts.

unblock blocked contacts

You will now be shown a list of numbers that you have blocked.

Click on the “X” next to the numbers to unblock them.

unblock contacts

However, you have to unblock all the blocked contacts to be on the safer side.

This is because Instagram has multiple numbers through which they send their security codes.

Once you’ve unblocked the contacts, go back to Instagram and resend the code.

But this time the security code will be sent to you.

How to unblock contacts on Iphone?

On your iPhone device, click on the Settings application.

Under the settings application, Scroll down to find the phone settings option.

Select the Phone settings option.

phone settings

Now your phone displays a whole new set of options.

Under the Calls heading, find the Blocked contacts option.

Click and select the Blocked contacts option.

iphone blocked contacts

And the next step is to unblock all your blocked contacts.

To do so, click the edit option at the top right corner of your screen.

And now, click on the red minus sign next to the numbers to unblock them.

How to recover Instagram account without security code?

In case you’re wondering if recovering your account without a security code is possible, then let me tell you, yes it is.

All you need is a little patience. And follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Instagram’s login page.
  2. Click on “Forgot Password?”
  3. Enter your username or Email ID
  4. And now select “Need more help?”
  5. Now click on “I can’t access the Email ID or Phone number”
  6. Fill the request form and submit the form
  7. Wait for Instagram to respond. This might take a few days.

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