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6 Best Free Location Tracking Apps (For Parents)

Everyone does not want a misbehaving kid, especially when it is your own kid and you’re being conscious about every activity your child nothing is wrong.

You have here to find the best software application to monitor your kid from abusive parts of the internet especially to know when and when your kid is traveling, playing, or visiting. it is always better to have an eye on their location instead of calling them every 30mins and annoying them in between their playtime or friends’ meetings.

#1 Mspy

The best mobile location tracking app for parents to monitor their kids, which will help to have an eye on them without even realizing about being monitored.

The application has over 5-star ratings and is being supported by more them 180 countries with millions of happy customers.


  • An invisible icon won’t let anyone find that you are actually tracking.
  • Easy set up just simply save your time and energy spent.
  • They use bank-grade encryption to transmit the information.
  • You can a set up safe zone and receive a notification every time your child leaves the safe zone.
  • It works in stealth mode, so it’s pretty hard for a target user to detect the software.


Android and iOS devices.


There are many payment options including Credit/Debit cards, google pay, or apple pay.

  • 1-month plan is for $48.99/month.
  • 3 month plan is $27.99/month.
  • 12 months plan is for $11.66/month.

#2 FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is the best app for powerful mobile location monitoring applications for parents to locate their children and have knowledge of them.

This application not just allows you to track their locations but also it will let you know how they behave online, on social media, chats, and calls.


  • Gives you a report on the basis of the monitoring and tracking done by the application.
  • Export coordinates to your GPS navigation app for bird-eye viewing..
  • Have the recordings of all the locations from anywhere.
  • Geo-fencing helps to set boundaries that alert you out of the boundaries.
  • You can track other options such as apps installed, chats, calls, and browsing activities.


  • Androids
  • Windows – Computers
  • iPhones, iPads


  • Lite pacakage costs $29.95.
  • Premium package costs $68.
  • Extreme pacakage ccosts $199.

#3 Famisafe

Famisafe is the most reliable and best mobile location tracking and monitoring application, Finally, Famisafe also can be used for schooling by teachers to track their students’ activities.

Furthermore, this helps them to grow by themselves and be more independent as well as an under-control activity


  • Firstly, Famisafe gives you a real-time location from anywhere on spot.
  • Also, it submits driving reports from where to where.
  • It provides you Geo-Fencing options so that you can set a safe zone for your child.
  • Easy set up for parents to have a dashboard ready and have reports anytime they want.
  • Finally, it has a smart Dashboard and multi-device feature to use.


  • You can simply use them on your Android devices, Windows laptops or computers, iPhones, iPads, and OS mac.


  • The monthly plan costs $10.99/month
  • Annual Plan $60.99/year.
  • Quarterly Plan $20.99/quarter.

#4 uMobix

uMobix is the best mobile location tracking software for every modern parent with more intelligent and active kids.


  • uMobix automatically updates data reports every 5 minutes. There is no chance to miss even a tiny detail.
  • Easy and simple installation.
  • Many other features come included such as tracking calls, browsers, applications, and keyloggers.


  • uMobix works on all Android OS 4+, all iPhones, and iPads.


  • The 1-month package costs $39.99/month.
  • The 3-month package costs $14.99/month.
  • The 6-month package costs $8.33/month.
  • 12months package costs $7.49/month.

#5 Life360

Life360 is the best free mobile location tracker and monitoring application which going to help you in controlling your children and also know the whole family’s location and track their activities.


  • You can have access to the place alerts that is when you have marked a location as ALERT and when your child or family member reached the location you will be alert with a notification.
  • You can have the location’s estimated timing of arrival.
  • Reports can be monitored on the drives.
  • 30 days of location history is saved for your acknowledgment.
  • Highly affordable packages.


  • You will be able to access Life360 only in iOS and androids


  • a free version is also available.
  • Premium costs $4.99/month.

#6 ClevGuard

ClevGaurd is the best location tracking app to monitor your kid from anywhere, also ClevGuard is an application with 100 encryption in furthermore, 200+ countries.

This application let you guard your kid by monitoring their location, and WhatsApp.

MoniVisor for Windows monitors and records your child or employee’s computer activities remotely without them knowing.


  • Locate your child at any time.
  • You can get a map of their location in real-time
  • Additionally, track their past locations.
  • You will know how often the user accesses those contacts, as well as calls and texts.
  • Easy to access and set up.


  • You can access iOS Devices, Androids, & Windows.


  • 1 Month plan $39.95/month.
  • 3 Month plan $19.98/month.
  • 1 Year plan $9.16/month.


In this context, we went through the best 6 free mobile location tracking software for parents and their top features to monitor their kid’s activity and their locations, and visits. If you have any other mobile location-tracking applications that we missed in this context specifically with better features, please mention them below in the comments. If you like this, share this with your friends and follow the PublishSquare blog.

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