Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

Tips for Using Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is constantly changing, and now even more!

Instagram says using over 3-5 hashtags is now the best way to optimize for organic reach, let’s try!

Hashtag Dos

  • Do use hashtags that are relevant to the theme of your content.
  • Do check which hashtags your fans already use and follow.
  • Do mix well-known and niche hashtags to broaden your discoverability.
  • Do use specific hashtags so your fans can easily search for your content. You can even create your own!
  • Do keep the number of hashtags between 3-5.

Hashtag Don’ts

  • Don’t use hashtags that have nothing to do with your content (e.g. #explorepage).
  • Don’t use overly generic hashtags – these will make it harder for people to discover your content due to the volume of other people using the hashtags.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags – adding 10-20 will NOT help you get additional distribution.

Things to Keep in Mind

The content itself and the way people interact with it can affect distribution more than the hashtag.

Think of a hashtag as a tool that provides content about your post and supports delivering content to people who are interested in a particular topic.

The Importance Of Using HASHTAGS

The Importance Of Using HASHTAGS

The importance of using Hashtags you should know

1. HASHTAGS Attract More Followers

Hashtag use on picture and video posts will allow you to reach more people, which almost always results in more followers. Having more followers makes your business more visible.

2. HASHTAGS are Great for Promoting Your Business

Hashtagging allows your audience to participate in your conversations. This means that when you establish a hashtag for an event or promotion, your social media followers can easily follow what is happening in real-time.

3. HASHTAGS Encourage Audience Engagement

Depending on the social platform you’re using, you’ll be able to engage your audience with hashtags, opening conversations for them to participate in.

4. Hashtags Help You Create Relationships with Followers

Hashtags help you take advantage of the fact that people enjoy posting about their lives, important events, and big purchases. This means real client engagement and more exposure for you.

5. Hashtag for Photo Content Description

Nothing sells a product or service like a great photo.

Make sure your photos can be easily found by using the best hashtags possible to describe what you are selling.

6. Hashtags Specify your Niche

Using Hashtags, you can specify the specific details of your niche, location, and specifics.

7. Hashtags Are Great For Research

Another amazing and most thrilling reason behind the use of the hashtag is that these are great tools for research. Hashtags are search engine-friendly tools. Search a specific hashtag, and you will find an enormous amount of great and relevant content.

The Home Stretch

  • Hashtags Attract More Followers
  • Hashtag are Great for Promoting Your Business.
  • Hashtags Encourage Audience Engagement
  • Hashtag Help You Create Relationship with Followers
  • Hashtags for Photo Content Description
  • Hashtag Specify your Niche
  • Hashtags Are Great For Research
  • Hashtag Can Be Used For Humor
Hashtag Checklist

Hashtag Checklist

  • Aligned to your content
  • Using location based hashtags
  • Has no banned hashtags
  • Relevant to your nichie
  • Set of hashtags are not identical to your previous post
  • Projected to reach the right audience

With the right set of hashtags, you could get in front of the people who have and haven’t heard from you.


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