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Top Games like Kahoot and Quizizz

games like kahoot and quizizz
Games like Kahoot and Quizizz

Are you a teacher who wants to engage your students with some engaging activities like quizzes?  then you should know about it and Quizizz. Because these two are best to create quizzes to engage the students most interactively. So in this blog, we are going to see what is Kahoot and Quizizz and similar games like Kahoot and quiz in detail

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What is Kahoot?


It is a game-based learning platform that allows users to create a quiz on multiple topics. So with this users can make the classes or free time more engaging with anyone. This platform is widely used by teachers and students.

To play Kahoot Quizzes, the first users have to create a learning game or quiz with questions available on the Kahoot platform, then they have to share the game pin with the players available remotely. So the game pin holders have to enter the pin on their device and start to play a game. Sounds interesting right?

What is Quizizz?


It is also a game-based learning platform like Kahoot but the difference is users can get real-time results and feedback. So it is more engaging than the other and more than 50 million people are using this platform.

To play Quiz, first users have to create a poll or quiz with questions available on the platform and share it with their group. Then their group members can engage from any device and get their results instantly.

Top Games like Kahoot and Quizizz

These two platforms are equally good but many engaging games are available online. So let’s explore some games like Kahoot and Quizizz

Trivia Crack

trivia crack games like kahoot and quizizz

This Trivia Crack has its own set of games and many engagement factors in it. It is available for IOS, Android, and Windows.

The most interesting part of Trivia Crack is you can connect this with voice devices like Alexa and smartwatches. So you can connect and play these games anywhere and anytime without your mobile phone.

You can also test your knowledge on topics and challenge your friends by creating some fun quizzes with trivia crack creator. This is free to play with ads and a premium version without ads is also available.


photomath maths quiz creator online

As its name indicates the Photomath is specially made for Maths. So if you like to solve maths-related quizzes or challenge your friends with tricky problems try this.

If you are a teacher who wants to engage your students with interesting maths sums, this will be highly helpful for you. 

This also helps students to take screenshots of questions with an inbuilt camera. So they can save those questions and clear their doubts with their teacher or other students.

This also has an answers section where you can find answers to the questions and step-by-step instructions to solve those questions.

Google Classroom

google classroom

Google Classroom is a free platform created by Google to create assignments and share them with students. This also helps teachers to communicate easily with students and their parents.

With the power of Machine Learning, it automatically grades the assignments which reduce the workload of teachers.

This also makes the announcement work easy and adds those announcements to students’ or parents’ calender.




ClassDojo is more than a normal games-based learning platform because it easily connects teachers and parents. Teachers can directly link the parents in the students’ grade book, so the students’ performance in studies and extracurricular activities is more visible.

This also has quiz features like Kahoot and Quizizz and teachers will get immediate updates on the results. This is specially made for teachers which reduces the teachers’ workload by sending automatic reminders to parents.

It has a variety of games like maths, memory, etc and they can also set the levels according to the students. So all the students can engage more easily and interactively


jeopardylabs games like kahoot and quizizz

This is also a game-based learning platform that makes users create and send interactive competitions. It is an online game platform, so teachers can use it very easily.

JeopardyLabs covers maths, science, geography, arts/reading, art/music, and history topics. With this teachers can easily create quizzes, exams, and small tests.


In this, we have seen about games like Kahoot and Quizizz in detail. These games are two good to interact with and engage your students and group members. So if you want to change your boring free hours into interesting ones, try these out. If you like this, Share it with your friends. Follow Publish Square for more blogs like this.

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