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Easy Ways to Add MRR Progress Bars to Twitter Profile

MRR Progress on Twitter

A great way to attract more customers and hold their attention is to share your progress with them. how do I do this, you ask?

Well, it’s quite simple. One proven method is to share your MRR progress on your Twitter profile. To add your Monthly Recurring Revenue on Twitter will take less than a minute to accomplish.

Some examples of the leading SaaS founders who opt for this method of the display are Noah Bragg, Damon Chen, and Tony Dinh.

1. TweetSync.io

tweetsync flow

TweetSync.io is one of the quickest tools in action. It automatically draws data from ChartMogul Metrics API and updates your Twitter profile with the progress. The key issue of manually updating your MRR is out of the question. TweetSync.io is quick and easy to set up. Initially created for personal use by Julien Nahum, TweetSync.io is now available publicly for free!

2. MRR Meter Generator

mrr meter generator

MRR Merter Generator is a no-hassle, easy to understand and use platform. All you have to do is enter your current MRR and goal MRR data, and when it generates the output simply copy and paste the template from the website onto your Twitter profile. As simple as that!

The only downside to this is that unlike TweetSync.io you are required to manually update the MRR each time your MRR changes. However, MRR Meter Generator proves to be the quickest to set up and use.

3. Integromat


Integromat is comparatively more flexible and its specialty is that it displays the exact MRR as well as the progress of your MRR. Though it takes up quite some time to set up, Integromat can be used to get data from ChartMogul’s Metric API and get that data to your Twitter account.

The website provides ready-to-use integrations, workflows, advanced functions with high security. You can choose from the various templates that better suit your style.

4. Automatic updates via API

The Automatic Updates Via Api method uses a code, so if you’re not a fan of coding the above options work pretty conveniently.

Nevertheless, this method uses a script. The way it works is that it derives MRR data using Stripe API and lets it into your Twitter. However, you’ll need to replace Stripe API with ChartMougl’s Metrics API to get it working.


MRR is your Monthly Recurring revenue that frequently fluctuates. You can use your MRR progress to draw in more customers by displaying your progress publicly on your Twitter handle for them to see. To do so, you can use any of the above-mentioned ways to show your MRR progress on Twitter.

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