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90+ Aesthetic, Cool, and Funny Discord Server Names

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If you’re planning to create a Discord server, you firstly need to come up with a Discord server name.

Good server names are difficult to come up with. But you can personalize your Discord server name, hence you have a lot of options. You can name it anything you want.

It’s most common to name our Discord server depending on what kind f server you have. If you have a gaming server, you can give it a name that’s related to gaming, such as The GameZone.

Do Server Names Have to be Unique?

It is definitely not a requirement to have a Discord server name that is unique. You can have the same server name as another user, this doesn’t matter.

That is because your friends can join your Discord server through your server link that you can send them. This link will have a unique number so the server name doesn’t make a difference.

You can also enable discovery which will set your server to public. This way people can find you directly through your server.

But to enable discovery you will need to have more than 7,000 server members.

Aesthetic Discord Server Names

  1. The Grey Garden
  2. Billionaires Backyard
  3. Gothic Gamers
  4. Cookie monsters
  5. Cottage Vibe
  6. Jibe The Vibe
  7. Sea of Wonder
  8. SEAreal
  9. Electric blues
  10. Ghastly Ghosts
  11. Ghost Garden
  12. Rave Party
  13. Moon Ray
  14. Shadow booth
  15. Dark Cloud
  16. Golden Strands
  17. Ancient Brick
  18. Salient Silence
  19. Screeching Screams
  20. Asylum
  21. Seek and Hide
  22. Sky Gliders
  23. Wooden Case
  24. Moving Stairways
  25. Men in Black
  26. Coats in Black
  27. Of Games and Wins
  28. Of Winners and Losers
  29. Feline Finishers
  30. Wizarding gamers
  31. Winged Death

Cool Discord Server Names

  1. Game Nation
  2. Game night
  3. Party Zone
  4. The Sercret Spot
  5. Beehive
  6. Alpha Gang
  7. Alphas Assemble
  8. Fire and Fuel
  9. Sticks and Stones
  10. Power Revengers
  11. Drama club
  12. Stone(r) Age
  13. Chill Zone
  14. Savage soup
  15. GangOut
  16. Streak Shot
  17. Killer Gunz
  18. Hoopers
  19. Thunder Gods
  20. Zues’ Lightning Bolts
  21. The X Musketeers
  22. Battle Swords
  23. War boots
  24. Battle scars
  25. Battle cry
  26. Disastrous Flame
  27. Guns and Poses
  28. Battle symphoniesRifle Gang
  29. Jean Jackets
  30. Tangled Tornados
  31. Falcon Fighters

Funny Discord Server Names

  1. Chicken Wings
  2. Bunch of Wigs
  3. Sakura Wovles
  4. The Bad Wolf
  5. The good witches
  6. Dirty pillow cases
  7. Couch Potatoes
  8. Battle Ground
  9. Disconnected Server
  10. Lighted Candle
  11. Jurassic corner
  12. Nightmare on Discord
  13. Lost land
  14. Lost Cases
  15. Hairy Monster
  16. Forgotten Forest
  17. Fighter Jets
  18. Warrior princess
  19. Tech Wreck
  20. Big Foot March
  21. Spurred Storms
  22. Barging Bears
  23. Big Bad Wolves
  24. Invincibles Invaders
  25. Colonised corner
  26. Greeting Death
  27. Death Slayers
  28. Weaponized Teens
  29. Cool Boy Summer
  30. Ice Sparks
  31. Cornered Lions


Discord server names can be changed later on and multiple times. So you don’t have to worry about getting the name right the first time.

Hopefully the above mentioned ideas for discord server names were of your liking and at least gave you an idea on what to name your server. You can take inspiration from them and come up with your own server name by mixing and matching the given ideas.

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