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Chess Pieces Types and Points Values: You Should Know

Chess Pieces Types
Chess Pieces Types

As a chess game learner, you should have a basic idea about chess pieces types and points values. Chess is one of the ancient board games and it is very famous around the world now. So in this blog, we are going to see about Chess pieces types and points values.

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Chess Pieces Types

First of all, there are 32 chess pieces in a game 16 per side. Only 6 types of chess pieces comprise this 16. In this section, we are going to see the types and special moves of that pieces

The King

king chess pieces types

This is a very important piece in the chess game and there are two Kings on a chessboard, one per player. This chess game revolves around the protection of the King. It can move one square at a time in any direction. The best part of the King is that it cannot move to the square which is dangerous to it, so the king is never caught in checkmate by itself. Holding the opponent’s King piece in a square is known as Checkmate, so the checkmate is the end of the game.

The Queen

queen chess pieces types

The Queen is the most valuable piece in chess which has more attacking power. It is a key piece for many chess strategies. The moves of the queen comprise rook, bishop, and pawn moves. It can move to unoccupied squares diagonally, vertically, and even horizontally. There are 2 queen pieces in Chess, 1 per player.

The Rook

rook chess pieces types

The Rook is also another important piece in Chess which is better than 5 pawns, one bishop, and one knight. But it is less powerful than a single queen because the rook can only move horizontally or vertically. Another important point is that the rook can occupy other pieces’ space in chess.

The Bishop


The Bishop is better than 3 pawns and a knight because it can move diagonally in any direction. But it can move along the same color square throughout the game. There are two Bishops per player and so one bishop can move in one color.

The Knight


These are other minor pieces with unusual movements in the game. So it is highly useful to clear the pawns and other pieces. This is an important key piece because it clears the way for other key pieces. 

The Pawn


These are the lowest valued piece in the entire chess game, but it is very essential. Because it helps players to block the movements of some important key chess pieces. There are 8 pawns per user and it is also known as soldiers. The pawn can move up to two squares vertically in their first move. But after that, it can move up to only one square. Most importantly Pawn also has the power to checkmate the king.

Point Values of Chess Pieces

Each chess piece in chess has a point respective to its movement and strength. Let’s see the points of the chess pieces

  • Pawn – 1 Point
  • Knight – 3 Points
  • Bishop – 3 Points
  • Rook – 5 Points
  • Queen – 9 Points


In this blog, we have seen the Chess Pieces types and their points values. As a beginner, you should know these types of chess pieces and their special movements. Then only you can master this game. I hope you find this blog helpful. Share it with your friends and follow Publish Square for more blogs like this.

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