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100+ Good Instagram Comments for Your Friends


A kind Instagram comments may brighten someone’s day.

However, coming up with one might be difficult since you may not know what to say.

Many people like an Instagram photo but do not Instagram Comments on it.

If you are one of them, you should at least try to remark once.

This is sometimes referred to as “hyping” your buddies.

In reality, if you leave a kind remark on someone’s article, they will have a positive opinion of you.

This post provides 100+ Instagram comments that are pleasant, sweet, and charming for your friends, boys, and girls.

You’ll also learn how to remark on your best friend’s photo and a guy’s post.

If you don’t know what to post, utilise the brief Instagram comments.

What should I say about my closest friend’s photo?

You should provide a kind Instagram Comments, such as a complement, on your closest friend’s image.

For instance, if your closest buddy posts a photo of themselves, you might say, “Great photo!”

If you don’t know what to say about the image, you can utilise emojis.

The fire emoji, the hundred points emoji, and the happy face with heart eyes emoji are the most often used emojis.

What should I say in response to a guy’s post?

You should leave a remark with fire emojis on a guy’s post.

It’s the simplest method to express your appreciation for their article.

The fire emoji may also convey devotion, love, or admiration.

It can also be used to indicate that someone is beautiful.

Excellent Instagram comments

Excellent Instagram comments

  1. My mouth dropped open.
  2. You look fantastic.
  3. You’re crushing it.
  4. Continue to work hard.
  5. Sheeeeeeesh!
  6. Extraterrestrial.
  7. So lovely!
  8. Those lips, however.
  9. lovely lady
  10. This ensemble is beyond ridiculous.
  11. It’s stunning.
  12. You are breathtaking.
  13. You are the cutest thing ever.
  14. So ideal.
  15. You’re stunning!
  16. Oh my goodness.
  17. This is fantastic.
  18. These are fantastic.
  19. I adore the fit!
  20. What a cutie.
  21. Fitted with a drip.
  22. I really like your vibe!
  23. Amazing work.
  24. This attire and your appearance in it.
  25. Elegant design.
  26. Hello there.
  27. Take a look at yourself.
  28. A whole gory atmosphere.
  29. You are incredible, omg.
  30. Baby disco.
  31. Oh my goodness!
  32. This is the response I’m hoping for.
  33. I adore this photograph!
  34. The goat is you.
  35. That grin.
  36. What a saint.
  37. The beast at work.
  38. Sheeeeeeesh!
  39. Better than average!
  40. You’re very gorgeous.
  41. This is flame
  42. What a fantastic image
  43. Continue to grind
  44. This is the most adorable dress!
  45. You look adorable!
  46. Have a wonderful weekend
  47. ‘My heart’
  48. Fit for a fire
  49. Crazy, bro
  50. You’re the boss.
  51. So romantic
  52. The surprise
  53. What a beautiful
  54. So awesome ๐Ÿ”ฅ
  55. Yes, absolutely.

Nice Instagram comments

  1. You are a gentleman.
  2. I adore this photograph.
  3. Straight as that!
  4. Amazing picture
  5. He’s a big person, eh?
  6. Continue doing what you’re doing
  7. Ideal physique
  8. Goofy to the extreme.
  9. Absolutely stunning
  10. The looks are always on point! ๐Ÿ’–
  11. My man appears to be ill
  12. You have the look down pat.
  13. Always unexpected
  14. The attire is excellent.
  15. I really adore it
  16. You’re a complete babe.
  17. Keep it up, dude.
  18. That is a wonderful photograph.
  19. Take a close look
  20. You make my heart race.
  21. You’re fantastic
  22. Continue your journey
  23. This image brightened my day.
  24. This is absolute beauty.
  25. You are stunning.
  26. I adore the fit
  27. My entire life
  28. I look up to you to look like this
  29. You’re a dashing young man.
  30. I’m completely obsessed with you.
  31. Always pouring, always popping off
  32. You are a machine.
  33. So ill ๐Ÿ”ฅ
  34. Fantastic brother
  35. Stunning appearance
  36. Awesome suit, buddy.
  37. A large man with big hopes
  38. So there you have it.
  39. Exactly like that
  40. Only positive vibrations
  41. Excellent appearance
  42. New look!
  43. Nice work, guy.
  44. My inspiration
  45. This is the mood
  46. You’re looking great!
  47. Excellent photography
  48. Beautiful image
  49. The vibes are flawless.
  50. Working hard pays off
  51. Have compassion, Lord.
  52. I really admire you
  53. Yes, you are great.
  54. Rn, marry me!
  55. What are your plans for the day?
  56. You never cease to astound me?
  57. These are difficult.
  58. You look fantastic!
  59. Amazing things
  60. Blessings on my feedrn
  61. Slaying as usual
  62. This is fantastic.


It might be difficult to think of a nice Instagram remark.

There are so many standard Instagram Comments you may make, but it’s difficult to come up with something unique.

However, you are not required to offer a creative remark.

In reality, a simple fire emoji () expresses that you believe someone’s message is fantastic.

If you don’t like emojis, you may leave a remark like “Great photo!” or “Love this!”

Even basic and generic remarks can brighten someone’s day.

Remember that the remarks in this list are not in any specific sequence.

If you find an Instagram Comments in this post that you like, feel free to use it.

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