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Aether In Genshin Impact: The Complete Guide

Genshin Impact is a role-playing action game with a male protagonist named Aether that was launched in 2021. If you’re brand-new to Genshin Impact, you could be undecided between Lumine and Aether.

I’ll go into greater detail regarding Aether in Genshin Impact in this article, discuss if you ought to choose Aether over Lumine, and other things.

What Is Genshin Impact?

Genshin impact

The role-playing game Genshin Impact by miHoYo. Teyvat, a fantastical setting full of mystery and adventure, serves as the setting.

Genshin Impact is notable for its stunning designs, among other things. The game’s concept and creation took a lot of effort from the creators.

Genshin Impact is a totally free game. Although there are in-game purchases available, the game can only be won with free characters.

Your quest in the game is hunting for and discovering your long-lost sibling in the enchanted land of Teyvat. Aether and Lumine are that, but we’ll talk more about that in a moment.

Teyvat is a planet that has been ravaged by the fall of an old civilization that was home to individuals with special talents and skills. Although you are an outsider in this world, you must learn about and explore it since you are here to carry out a task.

There are seven countries on the globe, including Sumeru, Mondstadt, and another five. Each nation is controlled by a different deity, albeit not all nations have gods as rulers.

There were no gods in charge of the defunct civilization of Khaenri’ah, which vanished more than 500 years ago.

Some of the populace is endowed with extraordinary skills by the gods.

You and your twin brother or sister are both globe travelers who came to our planet together. However, it happened hundreds of years ago.

You found Khaenri’ah under siege, and a deity seized both you and your sibling. Your sibling was taken by the deity, and he locked you up.

You just got up, and now you and another character you meet, Paimon, are trying to locate your long-lost sister.

As an open-world game, you may travel over mountains and water while battling deadly creatures by yourself or with pals. It’s a fun multiplayer game, which makes it even better.

Aether in Genshin impact

But you’ll need to master the seven elements if you want to beat all those foes. The seven elements, which are by different names in the game, including ice, water, lightning, and wind, enabling you to impose specific restrictions on your adversaries.

You will go to several cities and countries and encounter a wide range of things. As I don’t want to give you too many spoilers, I won’t go into too much detail.

Just be aware that it will be a thrilling adventure filled with unexpected turns and discoveries. You’ll get to know fascinating people and have a blast.

Who Is Aether in Genshin Impact?

Aether in Genshin impact

You can select Aether or Lumine as your primary character at the beginning of the game. Later on, you’ll have the option to assemble a team of more than 20 characters, including Amber, Jean, Lisa, and a host of other individuals.

Aether or Lumine will always be your major protagonist.

The male protagonist of Genshin Impact is Aether. Character Lumine is a female.

Your objective is the same whether you choose Lumine or Aether: to track down your long-lost sister. You will be the “Traveler” exploring Teyvat’s universe.

Are Aether and Lumine Distinct from One Another? Who Is the Better Character?

Aether vs Lumine

The only apparent distinction between Aether and Lumine is their appearance. Aether and Lumine are opposite genders.

For the most part, the remainder of the game is the same. But your sibling will also be unique.

In other words, you will have to save your twin sister if you chose Aether. You must save your twin brother if you choose Lumine.

You could choose one over the other since it makes a significant difference in the plot. Do you want to be the prince charming who saves his sister, or do you want to be a strong lady who goes across many realms to save her brother?

Additionally, you could like one character’s attire over another’s. Of course, in addition to the outfits, their voices varied as well due to the utilisation of several voice actors.

Just keep in mind that you cannot change your mind.

Aether and Lumine may, however, differ in a number of other ways when it comes to powers. Let’s investigate that, but bear in mind that these variations aren’t very significant and won’t have a significant effect on the game.

Aether vs Lumine: Differences in Powers

Aether in Genshin impact

Republic World asserts that the two characters’ abilities are identical. Choosing one over the other won’t really affect the game or your chances of winning it because the difference is only aesthetic.

But not everybody concurs. According to certain gamers, Lumine excels in specific areas whereas Aether does not.

A poster in the Genshin Impact Wiki forum claimed that Lumine has a larger attack charge, meaning you may give your adversaries a stronger charge while assaulting them. This claim was based on the poster’s personal observations.

On the other side, Aether is taller. Aether will therefore sprint more quickly than Lumine, who is a female and shorter.

Another genshin impact account claims that Aether is just faster at ascending because of his greater height. It is only elementary mechanics.

He can swim more quickly as well.

So who triumphs? Aether has a minor edge over Lumine in terms of speed when running, climbing, and swimming.

In order to make up for it, Lumine charges her strikes harder and does greater damage, particularly on second hits. When facing opponents, that may be an even bigger advantage.

What kind of a difference is there, really? Aether can only run around 1.7% faster than Lumine, according to a Reddit thread, therefore his advantage when sprinting or climbing is relatively tiny.

In other words, it might not be worthwhile to choose Aether over Lumine just because of his bigger size because the benefit is so minor (it normally amounts to a fraction of a second).

However, Lumine has a little edge over Aether when it comes to charged attacks thanks to a 20% greater charge. If so, Lumine defeats Aether regardless of Aether’s bigger size when it comes to strength and battling foes.

A post on the HoYoLabs forum demonstrates that Lumine has a greater assault charge. The ad even contrasted the assault charge power of his character, Lumine, with his companion, Aether.

It’s also important to note that when the two characters do actions like bunny-hopping, their movements are considerably different.

So, Is Aether or Lumine Better?

Aether in genshin impact is more powerful

Although the game’s creators haven’t explicitly said it, Lumine appears to have a greater attack charge based on user observations. Aether speeds up her running and climbing at the same time.

In the end, the decision is yours. The differences are largely aesthetic, so have a look at the characters and decide which character’s outfit, voice, and plot you like.

Aether’s age in Genshin Impact is how old?

Although Aether doesn’t have an age in Genshin Impact, gamers have still made assumptions about his age. He appears to be a teenager between the ages of 16 and 18.

But before they were taken prisoner by a deity, Aether and his sister came to the planet of Teyvat about 500 years ago, according to what is known. Their age hasn’t seemed to have altered much since they arrest, imprison, and put to sleep, though.

Perhaps time kind of stood still for Aether when he traps, therefore his age did not change.

Who is older, Lumine or Aether?

Aether In Genshin Impact

They are related, Aether and Lumine. You can pick one or the other to represent you while you search for your lost brother.

Which one is older, though? Again, the game is ambiguous about it, but players have made assumptions.

Aether and Lumine are twins, as they resemble each other greatly. They are around the same age if they are twins if that is the case.

However, even if they are twins, one must be older than the other. Which one is it then?

Lumine is not older than she appears to be, despite some people’s speculations to the contrary. Aether is the older brother, according to comments on this Reddit thread, assuming you can understand Japanese, Chinese, and Korean (there are voiceovers available in a variety of languages).

Because Aether is referred to by Lumine as 哥哥 her “older brother,” which is a term that implies that in Chinese. He is referred to by Lumine as “onii-chan,” which is Japanese for big brother.

Aether is sometimes referred to by Lumine as 오빠 / Oppa, which is a term for an older brother in Korean.

Final Reflections

You have the option of playing as either Aether or Lumine in Genshin Impact.

The choice will largely come down to aesthetics, however, Aether does move somewhat more quickly than Lumine and has a more potent attack charge.

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