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120+ Good, Cool & Aesthetic Usernames for Wattpad

Wattpad is a writing website where individuals from all around the world can both write and read fiction stories. To begin with, it’s a social network that brings individuals together through words.

Moreover, it’s a site where you may share your writings, poems, and articles. Even the popularity is fast growing since it allows new writers to be recognized.

It was founded in 2006 and has provided a platform for many young writers to demonstrate their abilities.

Wattpad gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills on a global scale, and then they reward the best work with awards.

In reality, you can now make money from Wattpad books by publishing your book and having Wattpad pay you if you place an advertisement in the middle of it. Similarly, how YouTubers profit from advertisements.

Almost half of the users are US-based.

As a result, members can use the website or the application to submit their posts. It also allows you to look at, like, and comment on other people’s books.

This community also has a “What’s Hot List,” which highlights the stories that have received the most views and votes.

The majority of the stories on the “Featured Story List” were written by professional writers or were self-published.

Even it also gives members the opportunity to win the annual “Watty Awards” contest.

Advantages of Wattpad

  • Firstly, it’s easy to use.
  • Secondly, it’s free without any ads.
  • Thirdly, other writers can provide you with feedback.
  • Other users can be buddies with you.
  • Wattpad can help you get published instead of going via the regular publishing method if your works become popular.
  • In fact, you can use audio and video in your books.

Disadvantages of Wattpad

  • It’s difficult to stand out among the millions of other novels as a writer.
  • There are numerous publications that have become well-known as a result of an unoriginal narrative, grammatical faults, or poor writing in general.
  • In fact, on the mobile website users are unable to write.
  • Unless you subscribe to Premium, you will no longer be able to view books from your library without internet access.

What is a username on Wattpad?

When you establish a Wattpad account, you will be given a username and a name. Depending on the platform, the name is referred to as a display name, a personal name, or a name.

Your username serves as a unique identifier for your account. Hence, it will be displayed with a @ in front of it on your profile. Here are some examples of how your username can be used:

 To find your Wattpad profile or stories you’ve written, use the search bar at the top of the page.

To dedicate a story to you by tagging you in a comment.

And also, to access your account.

Since user names are unique, no two people can have the same one.

However, you can change the username whenever you want.

How long can a Wattpad Username be?

Wattpad’s usernames must be between six and twenty characters long. This implies your username can’t be fewer than 6 characters long or more than 20 characters long.

 As a result, you must choose a username that falls within Wattpad’s acceptable range.

Good Wattpad Usernames

  1. Vindex
  2. Golden_Darkness
  3. My_Dialect
  4. GhostCore
  5. FullyAlive
  6. StarLight
  7. FairyHighRoad
  8. BookLover
  9. Hob_Goblin
  10. SummersFun
  11. Therest
  12. Thiefan
  13. WasabiSound
  14. Auranny
  15. Buddle
  16. Authorce
  17. BlackenenBeast
  18. Chooseil
  19. Silverflex
  20. Scoopia
  21. Nameri
  22. Misseuws
  23. Runnsto
  24. Slypeat
  25. LiveGot
  26. KhadContent
  27. InfiniteFlame
  28. BlogWobbles
  29. CursedLove
  30. ImperfectOne
  31. StarInTheMaking
  32. WriterAtHeart
  33. NeverEndingStory
  34. SummerMelodies
  35. SerratedShadow
  36. MagicalAdventure
  37. Death_Slyer
  38. WordDreamer
  39. Anon_Indie
  40. UponAstar
  41. OrnithoGrapher
  42. Unique_Is_Me
  43. RomanceFanatic
  44. DarkMist
  45. HppinessExpires

Cool Wattpad Usernames

  1. BeeConn
  2. CampyEternal
  3. Astain
  4. Conspiracts
  5. AllyMore
  6. WizSpy
  7. Weirdic
  8. Undsheli
  9. Angelsouno
  10. DullCandle
  11. HanSnoopy
  12. MoodyTwoShoes
  13. GnomeFlirty
  14. Hiront
  15. Loyasliv
  16. Ivisite
  17. PeachyHoneydew
  18. Lulasmed
  19. Socioeconomically
  20. Keecomp
  21. Websend
  22. Condstet
  23. Marketer
  24. NateSimple
  25. Messagel
  26. RunningLife
  27. Terficat
  28. Websend
  29. Train2cool
  30. CrispCrown
  31. DigyPuff
  32. Elinyxin
  33. Drti
  34. Ianro
  35. Dagenywi
  36. Crepist
  37. Karton
  38. Pinken
  39. Opoleph
  40. Latestri
  41. Parolig
  42. Scannetc
  43. AllyTricked
  44. Renextra
  45. Subwarefo
  46. Boltes
  47. Segpuran
  48. Biggaris
  49. Chroniclernco
  50. Born2Nath
  51. Grantissa
  52. Insightha
  53. Fallson
  54. Egotinger
  55. Marketry
  56. Fleasent

Aesthetic Wattpad usernames

  1. Varics
  2. Witchar
  3. Actuallyer
  4. BestWay
  5. Certory
  6. WubbMatter
  7. Angelsys
  8. Vanderco
  9. Chorlden
  10. Bloomco
  11. SpiritualDove
  12. HiddenPlatypus
  13. LiteralBaby
  14. FangRox
  15. SquishSky
  16. Kikudora
  17. Lordseen
  18. DeliciousSpeech
  19. Lockjed
  20. PreciselyAquarius
  21. Smarma
  22. Tamqrah
  23. SnowSomber
  24. Uggemp
  25. SoftDoodle
  26. Filiters
  27. Parthe
  28. Gamera
  29. Perfore
  30. Hockeybe
  31. Eolands
  32. LawPhobic
  33. PrideMud
  34. Horray Festive
  35. Geniusen
  36. Bomberie
  37. Epostor
  38. FlirtyProdigy
  39. EasyRaven
  40. Lunaton
  41. Fearbi
  42. Chicker
  43. Gassiga
  44. Dayberg
  45. FightSc


These are some of the best Wattpad username suggestions. I hope you’ve discovered your preferred username by now.

Because there are millions of registered users on Wattpad, picking a username can be difficult. So, if you like this blog, share it with your friends. Follow PublishSquare to get more updates on blogs like this.

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