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What is Hoote?

hoote social networking platform
hoote social networking platform
Hoote is a multi-lingual social voice platform that is available in varied Indian languages.

There are many social media platforms out there and each of the social platforms has its unique features. Hoote is one of the Social media platforms that have a voice sharing feature.

This Platform is a cloud-native, mobile-first, vernacular platform that offers an authentic social media experience enabled by cutting-edge cloud technologies to enable people all around the world to use their voices and interact with their followers.

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This is the first voice-based social networking platform to be launched out of India, for the world and it is available in 8 Indian languages and 2 international languages.

Hoote is a multilingual platform that allows anyone who wants to express themselves through their unique voice and in the language of their choice.

hoote app

Highlights of Hoote:

  • Express your opinion and thoughts by recording your voice
  • Create a cinematic experience to the voice by adding a BGM from our custom audio library
  • Add an image to the voice message
  • Like, comment and share
  • Listen to trending topics
  • View feeds in the language of your choice
  • Follow actors, entrepreneurs, business leaders, politicians, sports personalities and other interesting people who you would like to listen to
hoote app

What do Users Love on Hoote?

  • Use your own voice to share thoughts, views and more
  • Upload 60 sec pre recorded audio hootes
  • Direct hootes similar to direct messages
  • Add background music and Images to hootes
  • Share, re-hoote and reply with voice comment
  • Easier way to share thoughts without inhibition of appearance
  • Private & public groups
  • Made in India’ technology platform, serving a global audience
  • Fool proof verification process to get verified
  • Stringent monitoring zero tolerance to harassment
  • Reporting violations and inappropriate hootes
  • Google Play Store Rating is 4.8 out of 5 Stars

What needs to be improved?

  • Speed Settings of Audio needs attention because it will saves listeners time
  • No rewind Option, so it is difficult to relisten the audio again
  • Only verified users can Hoote for 3 mins
  • User Interface and Visual Text Visibility needs attention
  • Not available for windows and ios users


In this post, we have seen What is Hoote? and What you can do on Hoote? If you love to share your ideas using your voice you can use hoote and connect with your friends and followers. Most importantly if you want to grow your target audience based on Language and Locations you should try this out. If you find this will help, share this blog with your friends and follow our PublishSquare for more blogs like this.

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