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5 Top Video Hosting Sites in 2023

Best video hosting sites

Videos are playing a most important role in marketing nowadays, so if want to grow your business you have to choose the best video hosting site to grow your brand. In this blog, we are going to see the Top 5 video hosting sites for your business.

Table of Contents:

#1 Youtube

youtube video hosting sites

YouTube is one of the very popular social media platforms in trend. This platform is excellent for personal use, but it can also be helpful for businesses, so building a brand is so easy.

The video content users upload will not only show up on YouTube but also in various search engines such as Google, bing, yahoo, Duck duck go etc.


  • Free for everyone, so anyone can upload and watch videos freely on youtube
  • Monetization feature, so users can make passive income using their videos
  • Easy to use so no need for any technical skills
  • Users can share information with many peoples easily
  • Creating backlinks is easy, so this platform is useful for SEO


  • Anyone can post a video on youtube but sometimes it causes copyright issues
  • Many restrictions, so users have to review their content carefully before uploading
  • Any breach of rules leads to the closing of an account without any prior notice
  • Users have to cross monetization criteria to earn money

Pricing: Free

#2 Vimeo

vimeo video hosting sites

Vimeo is one of the paid video hosting sites that is very similar to Youtube with more excellent features if you are willing to spend some money.

The speciality is that in Vimeo the quality of uploads is much better and it is helpful for designers and artists alike.


  • High-quality videos, so brands can expose their content effectively
  • Good level of privacy controls over content, so user can protect their content
  • Customizable video player, so user can get a new level of video viewing features
  • The best live streaming feature


Less quantity of audience, so reach is minimum

Only 500MB/week video upload storage is the basic plan, so upgrading is a must


#3 Daily Motion

Daily motion video hosting sites

It is the second-largest video sharing platform next to youtube. This platform allows users to create an account and monetize their videos in just a few steps.

Here thousands of fresh videos are available, so users can watch and upload high-quality contents


  • Users can earn money using the video-sharing feature to the social media
  • Dailymotion is providing an affiliate feature in which user can add their website to DailyMotion and start earning money
  • Easy to use, so anyone can easily watch, upload and share videos


  • The maximum uploading file size is 4GB, so it is not suitable for a larger file size
  • The maximum duration of videos is 60 minutes, so users have to upload their larger videos os parts
  • It has certain rules to upload content, so it is bi confusing
  • It takes more time to upload a video on DailyMotion

Pricing: Free

#4 Wistia

wistia video hosting sites

This is one of the best video hosting sites for small and medium-sized businesses because it allows users to create attractive videos for their businesses in minutes.

The businesses are using wistia because hosting larger file sizes is very easy, so they can prevent their own website from lagging.


  • Professional Video hosting platforms, so businesses can get good reach
  • Easy integration with analytics, so user can get their wistia video analytics anytime
  • Users can easily include a call to action on videos, so more engagement
  • No ad feature, so viewers can watch your videos without any interruption
  • Automatic video SEO so helps in site ranking


  • Less Accurate video analytics
  • Price is too expensive


#5 Sprout Video

sprout videos

This is an on-demand video platform suitable for all sizes of businesses. It offers powerful analytics, video marketing, and high-security features.


  • High-security features, so more privacy for business content
  • Flexible pricing plans, so users can buy this according to their business size
  • Geo Restriction feature is available, so you can target a particular audience


  • No free plan, so users have to spend a lot to make their business videos


What to consider before choosing the video hosting site?

When you are a normal video creator and want to expose your talent to the world or a business owner who wants to expose your brand to a world, you have to choose the best video hosting site for your need because videos are ruling a digital world in recent times.

If you are a person or business who want to get exposure freely and want to earn some money try out the first three sites listed in this blog.

If you are a small business that wants to get professional exposure and prevent your business website from lagging then try out the Wistia or sprout video.


When choosing a video hosting service first get a clear idea about your brand or content focus, then select an appropriate one because the correct video hosting sites will give you the reach you want.

In this blog, I shared a top 5 video hosting sites for both normal and personal use. If you find this article helpful share this with your friends and follow PublishSquare for more blogs like this

Quick Summary:

  • Youtube- Best for all content creators who want to monetize their content
  • Vimeo- Best for businesses to create high-quality content
  • DailyMotion- Best for creators who want to monetize their content without Adsense
  • Wistia- Best for small size business who want to grow their brand
  • Sprout Video- Best for all business sizes

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