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10 Top unDraw Alternatives in 2023

UnDraw Alternatives

unDraw Alternatives, looking around for the bucket list! then you are at the right place. unDraw is a powerful, far-reaching, instructional framework. It is designed for attaching vector drawings, icon resources, various pictorial illustrations to your Documents and pages. There are a large number of pictorial themes available for their users on this framework.

This straightforward framework has the majority of its icon resources free for its users whereas few premium packs are paid. Icons like social media, father, and family, and much more are free to access. 

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What is unDraw?

undraw.co was released in 2017 to help designers contribute to the open-source community to provide design skills to everyone. They did this in the form of a website, that contains countless SVG images. These can also be downloaded as normal PNG images.

UnDraw illustration

The unDraw graphics can be integrated free of charge and without reference to the author.

Should you look for an unDraw alternative at all?

As a result, unDraw became more and more popular, including from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Harvard Business School. Today, the graphics can be seen on countless pages. To stand out from the crowd, you have to look for an unDraw alternative.

undraw alternatives
Discover Beyond

This collection of unDraw alternatives consists of a few paid, but also a lot of free alternatives. The advantage of a paid alternative is, that it’s more exclusive and the advantage of a free alternative is obvious – it’s free.

1. Humaans

It is a free library where you can mix and match illustrations of people. While there are only objects or animals on unDraw, Humaaans is only about 2D people. However, you can easily replace people’s positions, clothes, colours, and hairstyles with the humaaans library, which is not possible with unDraw.

humaans undraw alternatives
graphics by Humaans

In addition, you can add backgrounds and use the power of libraries to make them your own. Humaaans is available as a library in the following graphic programs:

  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • InVision Studio
  • Adobe XD

Like unDraw, Humaaans does not require a reference to the author

2. Sapiens

Sapiens is fully customizable in its web app. You can customize the character, can decide if he/she should walk, run, stand or cycle. You can also change the background.

sapiens undraw alternatives
graphics by Sapiens

This character library is free in the web app, but if you want even more options you can buy the extension here.

You can export your character in 3 styles – colourful, duotone, or outline.

3. Ouch.pics

At Ouch.pics you can find different styles. The style most similar to unDraw is Fogg. The images are free of charge in PNG format. SVGs cost 9$.

ouch.pics undraw alternatives
graphics by Ouch.pics

In contrast to unDraw, the selection is clearly limited. For example, the Fogg style contains only 42 pictures. Ouch.pics require a reference to the author as a link, which can be inserted in the footer, for example.

4. ManyPixels

It is one of the best Undraw Alternatives and the ManyPixels Illustration Gallery is very similar to the unDraw Gallery.

Both offer the download both as SVG and as PNG free of charge.

manypixels undraw alternatives
Manypixels illustrations

In addition, both have a colour set to adapt the graphics to your colour before downloading. In contrast to Ouch.pics, ManyPixels also complies with unDraw and does not require a reference to the author.

5. Pixabay Vector

Another best unDraw Alternatives is Pixabay, the best place to look for copyright-free pictorial illustrations. It is a dynamic circle of artists, that shares copyright-free graphics to use. There is more than 1 lakh of vector illustrations. All the icons are released under a Pixabay license which means you can use them for free without giving any commendations.

It is one of the most famous sites for graphical illustrations where new vectors and icons are updated regularly. Pixabay is free for its users. You can download video and audio files. Also, you can donate a “cup of coffee” to your favourite creator to support them. 

pixabay undraw alternatives
Picture in Pixabay

Pixabay has a huge collection of copyright-free images along with vector illustrations that make it more preferable compared to Drawkit. Vector illustrations are available in huge quantities along with cool and diverse icons or graphics.

6. Flaticon

Flaticon is an excellent alternative for unDraw. This framework is full of free vector illustrations along with icons that can be converted to web fonts. One of the most famous websites for graphical/ vector illustrations. It develops under the Freepik company that manages a long database of free vector icons, slide templates, and graphics. 

flaticon undraw alternatives
Flaticon icons

It has more graphics, illustration compared to the unDraw which make it the user’s favourite. You can also directly use these illustrations on your Google docs and slides, the little tool named Pattern will surely attract your attention. It helps in creating a pattern with a custom background.

7. Font Awesome

Font awesome is a toolkit specially designed for icons and fonts. There are more than 8,000 icons from 70+ different categories sketched for media profiles, website pages, and more. Font awesome Give us access to edit the icons by changing colours, size, or rotating and flipping them.

font awesome
Font Awesome graphics

There is a free arrangement on Font Awesome, which gives you admittance to more than 1,500 symbols. With Font Awesome Pro, you gain admittance to all symbols in the library, just as the capacity to transfer your symbols and make your library. The best part is it provides icon fonts.

8. Fontello

Fontello is somehow similar to Font awesome with little more advanced features and control over style. 

F ontello Screen icons

You have control over the size of the icon along with other features. Also, you don’t require to make an account to download icons and illustrations. 

9. Vector.me

Vector.me is again a better choice compared to unDraw. It has over 80,000 vector illustrations available under 30+ categories. All the vectors are free from the vector.me copyright license but every vector graphic has its copyright and license set up by the artists and designers.

Vector.me samples

All the vectors are available to download in various formats like AI, SVG, EPS, etc. You need to use the keyword to search your desired vector. 

10. IcoMoon

IcoMoon is one of the most preferred unDraw Alternatives. There are more than 5,500+ free vector icons for the users. It comes with custom and crisp fonts generators. You can also do basic glyph editing to enhance your illustration and can convert them to SVG, PDF, XAML, etc.

IcoMoon icons

You can also buy the icon pack that stores 4000+ premium vector illustrations to use and can customize on a grid. These icon packs come with a money-back guarantee and free updates. IcoMoon is best for users that require simple vectors illustration.


All in all, ManyPixels is most similar to unDraw, making it the best unDraw alternative. But with the above-featured applications, you can also create beautiful illustrations for your website.

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