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Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate in Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free analytics tool, powered by Google, that is used by over 50 million websites around the world, to analyse your website traffic. It gathers huge amounts of data, and can produce a massively in-depth analysis into your website and it’s performance.

What you Get?

Through Google Analytics, you can access a wide range of data and reports on website traffic and website visitor behavior.

What you can know with Google Analytics:

  • How many people are visiting your site
  • Where are they coming from
  • How much time they’re spending on your website.
  • The most visited pages of your site.

Pricing: The platform is available to anyone with a Google account, and there are both paid and free versions.

How Google Analytics Generates Data?

For Google Analytics to work, you have to embed a couple of lines of tracking code into the code of your website. The code then records different data from your users when they visit your website. GA then sends all of the information that is has collected to the GA server, which is then aggregated in several different ways in order for you to analyse and interpret the data

How Data is Aggregated?

  • User level (related to actions by each user)
  • Session level (each individual visit)
  • Pageview level (each individual page visited)
  • Event level (button clicks, video views, etc)

Google Analytics collects huge amounts of data from your users, which can generally be split into two types; Acquisition Data and Behaviour Data.

Different Between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate?

Different Between Bounce Rate and Exit Rate?

For all pageviews to the page, Exit Rate is the percentage that was the last in the session. For all sessions that start with the page, Bounce Rate is the percentage that was the only one of the sessions.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage % of visitors that leave a web page without taking any action like clicking on a link, filling a form, and so on.

How Bounce Rate is Important?

  • When visitors bouce it plays a huge role in conversion factor.
  • Bounce rate plays a important role in Google Ranking Factor.
  • A High Bounce rate is a indication of improving of a website or blog.
How to Check Bounce Rate?
What is Google Analytics?

Once you login into Google Analytics the Bounce Rate Can Be Seen in Google Analytics Home

What is Exit Rate?

Exit rate is the percentage % of visitors who exit a specific page (Even when they didn’t drop on that page initially.)

Example: Any User Coming is on Page 1 and then go to Page 2 From Page 1 but he or she initially didn’t land on Page 2 but exits from Page 2 Then the Exit Rate Would be counted will be of Page 2

How Exit Rate is Important?

  • Exit rate analysis can help you figure out performance of your pages on individual basis which can be corrected by you to improve your performace on various parameters.
How to Check Exit Rate?
How to Check Exit Rate?

In the Behavior Tab > Select Site Content and then All Pages here you would be able to see all the exit percentages of pages.

3 Biggest Mistakes in Google Analytics:

  1. Incorrect Account Setup
  2. No Setup of Goals
  3. Checking the wrong Metrics for your Business


Google Analytics is a very important digital marketing tool but is seriously underused by most businesses. It allows you to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more.

Web Analytics tools are designed to track, measure, and report on website activity including site traffic, visitor source, and user click. If you haven’t installed Google Analytics on your website yet you’re missing a lot.

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