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Manga Apps – Top 6 (You must try)

Are you a Manga Comic fan? Then this post will be highly helpful for you to find the best manga apps. Manga Apps helps users to read 1000+ comics from around the world in a single app. Many Manga apps provide paid and free plans.

If you are looking for the best comic apps, take a look at the below-mentioned apps and choose the one which is good for you.

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6 Best Manga Apps


Crunchyroll manga apps

Crunchyroll is one of the best ports of call for anyone who loves manga and anime. So if you are very fond of manga comics, it is best suitable for you.

Crunchyroll is based in San Francisco, California, but its audience spreads all over the world. So it is a very famous manga site.

Features of Crunchyroll:

  • Free access to genuine Japanese anime, so users can read real anime
  • This provides a way to make friends and contacts through the user forum, so users can get new friends
  • Fully original content

Limitations of Crunchyroll:

  • The website is very complex, so user have to carefully use it
  • They are showing ads even in paid version

Visit Crunchyroll for their recent updates and features


There are 3 premium pricing plans in Crunchyroll. They are also offering 14 days free trial and there is an option to skip this free trial option.

  • $7.99/month Fan plan with some basic features like no ads, access to crunchyroll library and more
  • $9.99/month Mega fan(1 month) plan with all basic features and offline viewing feature
  • $79.99/year Mega fan (12 month) plan with all basic features, offline viewing and 16% discount on monthly plan

Visit Crunchyroll pricing for recent pricing updates

Manga Toon

manga toon manga apps

It is a free app for reading comics, manhua, manhwa & manga anime etc. Manga Toon is a  trusty platform for users, so they can enjoy all kinds of comics, novels and chat stories

Features of Manga Toon:

  • Most of comics in MangaToon are free, so user can read some interesting mangas for free
  • Some Korean comics which are popular on Webtoon are available on Manga toon
  • User can read manga in other languages also, so user can read it upto their choice
  • Many comics in Action, Romance, Boys’ love, Comedy, Horror and more are updated daily, so users can get new comice daily


  • This is a free app, but it sometime asks coins to read comics further. So users have to purchase coins

Visit Manga Toon for their recent updates and features


In Manga Toon, users have to spend the in-app coins. So purchase option is available for buying these coins.

  • 100 coins – $0.99
  • 600 coins – $5.99
  • 1000 coins – $9.99
  • 6000 coins – $59.99
  • 10000 coins – $99.99

Visit Manga Toon for recent pricing updates

Manga Dogs

Manga-Dogs manga apps

It is one of the best manga apps for users who loves manga because it pulls over 20 sources to feed its users with new manga comics daily. Most importantly, users can discuss comics with other users, so it is helpful

Features of Manga Dogs:

  • More than 1000 Manga titles are available, so users can ready many comics
  • 6 different translations are available, so users can read in language of their choice
  • Users can store titles in Manga Dogs Cloud
  • Manga Dogs can be accessible in multi device, so user can read it on supported device

Limitations of Manga Dogs:

  • This app shows ads while reading, so it will be disturbing
  • Limited customer support

Visit Manga Dogs for their recent updates


%5.99/year pricing plan to read manga comics without ads

Visit Manga Dogs for recent pricing updates

Manga Plus

Manga Plus

It is the best Manga apps for pc users and most importantly this supports English, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian. All newly released manga comics are available here, so users can get new updates easily.

Features of Manga Plus:

  • It has notification feature, so users can follow updates easily
  • It provides comprehensive manga list where you can find all the popular titles
  • Users can book any specific page, so they can save their favorite manga

Limitations of Manga Plus:

  • It has some missing chapters
  • No bookmarking features

Visit Manga Plus for recent pricing updates


  • Free

Manga Zone

Manga Zone

It is another manga app for Android that was developed with a focus on manga fans. Users will get more than 15000 titles translated into the English language

Features of Manga Zone:

  • Free selections of comics that can be translated into English
  • Chatting facility with other users

Limitations of Manga Zone:

  • This app is little buggy

Visit Manga Zone for their recent updates


  • Free

Manga Now

manga now

It is also another manga reading apps, especially for IOS users. New manga comics are updated daily in Manga now, so users can get new mangas daily

Features of Manga Now:

  • Fastest Manga App, so users can read manga without lagging
  • New updates daily
  • It also provides offline reading

Limitations of Manga Now:

  • It is not supporting translations
  • Sometimes it is little buggy

Visit Manga Now for their recent updates


  • Free


In this blog, we have seen the 6 best manga apps. Some are free and others are paid. Try these apps if you want to read new mangas because all these apps are updating their library with new comics on daily basis. If you find this blog helpful, share this with your friends and follow PublishSquare for more blogs like this.

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