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How to block someone on Discord?

block someone on discord

Discord is an exceptional application that allows video calls, messaging, gaming, streaming and much more all under one platform. However, it comes with users who can be inappropriate and irk others. And that’s why Discord has an option you can use to block out such users.

Are you wondering if users can tell they’ve been blocked?

Well, the answer is yes. They can find out they’ve been blocked. Click here to find out how.

Although, the user you blocked will be able to see your status (they can see if you’re online) and read your messages.

Blocking someone on Discord on Desktop

To block someone on Discord, open up the Discord server.

Click on the user’s name whom you want to block.

Once you click on their name, you’ll see 2 options below their name in chat: Remove friend and Block

block option

Select Block and Discord will block them. Remember that once you block a user, you will have to send them a friend request again if you unblock them.

All messages from that user will disappear once you block them.

How to block someone using iPhone and Android?

When using the mobile application for Discord, click on the profile picture of the user you want to block.

You will see a menu pop up on your screen.

Click on the three dots at the top right corner of the menu which appeared.

block on discord

Among the options will be “Block”, select Block option.

Once you select the block option, you will receive a confirmation message stating that the user has been blocked.

After you block a user all messages from them are hidden and they will be removed from your friends’ list. In order to view these hidden messages all you have to do is click on Show Messages on your desktop application or Blocked Messages on your mobile device.

The user you blocked will not be able to message you or mention you on any server. However, will receive a notification stating that their message hasn’t been delivered.

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