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110+ Cool, Funny, and Funky Kahoot Names

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You’ve probably heard of Kahoot at school or through your friends who have some really funny Kahoot! names. It is a fun game-based platform that is available as a website and as an application. Kahoot! is filled with quizzes on every category that you can think of.

Kahoot and other similar platforms are an important part of remote learning. And they are needed now more than ever for schools to actively involve their students in class activities without having them just stare and listen in the online classes.

This blog contains the following:

  1. How to create a Kahoot! Account
  2. Cool Kahoot names
  3. Funny Kahoot names

Choosing your Kahoot! name is one of the many fun things you can do on this platform. You can get really funny and funky or you can choose to have a name that your peers will envy. Whichever you choose, we’re here to help you with it. Because you always want to put the best Kahoot names forward.

Kahoot! doesn’t allow you to change your username once you’ve created the account but you can easily change your Kahoot! name on it. You can only change your Kahoot username once in twelve months.

So first let’s see how to create a Kahoot! account

1. How to create a Kahoot! account

Step 1: Download the Kahoot! application on your mobile or you can even create an account by visiting the website

Step 2: On your mobile click on the “Sign up” option at the top-left corner of the discover page. As for the website just select the “Sign up” option in the top-right corner of your screen

Step 3: Now you choose how you would want to use Kahoot! from the 4 given options ( as a teacher, student, personally or professionally)

Step 4: In this step, you can choose how you want to sign in whether it is with your Google account, Microsoft account, or your Email

Step 5: In this step, you will fill in some of your details such as your school/university name, your username, Email address, and finally your Kahoot! password

Now for the fun part, which is to come up with your Kahoot names.

2. Cool Kahoot Names

  1. Captain Jack Sparrow
  2. Ligress
  3. King Of Quarantine
  4. BigTown
  5. Bloody Mary
  6. Tame The Lame
  7. Kill Shot
  8. Hometown Horse
  9. Killer Kashew
  10. Captain Crook
  11. Kid LaBoy
  12. Illegal Iguana
  13. Enthusistic Elf
  14. Low Level Lion
  15. Brainy Maniac
  16. Suspicious Suppandi
  17. Crazy Frog
  18. Omniponent Imposter
  19. The Sus Kid
  20. Dump The Drugs
  21. The Fast and Studious
  22. Master Blaster
  23. Krazy Kong
  24. Lazy limper
  25. Sleeping Slayer
  26. TheEmoKid
  27. Rulez All
  28. Bleeping Banashee
  29. Mozarse
  30. The Umbrella Man
  31. CallOut!
  32. Vampire Slayer
  33. StakerOut
  34. BloodSoaked
  35. GoAT (greatest of all time)
  36. KillCovid
  37. Deadly Devil
  38. DeathEater
  39. IAmKanyeWest
  40. Icy Eskimo
  41. SweatPants(your name)
  42. SouthSide Biker
  43. WestSide Killer
  44. KillConfirmed
  45. ManUnderTheMask
  46. Blithering Baboon
  47. Horrible Hagrid
  48. BlaringEngine
  49. Hissing Hawk
  50. EagleEye
  51. Player 456
  52. Homie Holmes
  53. Head First
  54. Spinning Star
  55. Ready Player 1
  56. Talented Tagger
  57. RedLightSaber
  58. Mr.Gatsby
  59. WindBender
  60. Mental Mammoth

3. Funny Kahoot names

  1. Freakshake
  2. King Of Lame
  3. Baby Platypus
  4. Loser Kid
  5. Learning Iz Passion
  6. Silly Scientist
  7. Biology BobbleHead
  8. KaShoot Me
  9. Bonehead Billy
  10. Lil Brandy
  11. Phoney Fanboy (girl)
  12. Baby Shark
  13. Naughty Nintendo
  14. Sexy Santa
  15. Kunning Krow Kalia
  16. Vicious Veal
  17. Grisly Grandma
  18. Belated Baboon
  19. Hungry Hippo
  20. Lames Bond
  21. Grumpy Gorilla
  22. CatsAreGods
  23. Dancing Dino
  24. Ow Charlie!
  25. Pull My Finger
  26. MeanGirl
  27. Thing 1/Thing 2
  28. Underdressed Undertaker
  29. KenAdams/Regina Philange
  30. Princess Consuela Bananahammock
  31. Zinged King
  32. Chubby Chewer
  33. Tiny Trecker
  34. TootsieRollLover
  35. Juicy Jackfruit
  36. Jumpy Jack
  37. Zippy Zebra
  38. Macho Man
  39. Filthy Cool
  40. Vexed Vendor
  41. Dynamic Duo
  42. Smart Alert!
  43. CalmAndCrazy
  44. Gregarious Gatekeeper
  45. WildWinner
  46. Chatty Chap/Charlie/ Cathy (or your name)
  47. Agitated Aunty
  48. Krying Karen
  49. BlandPasta
  50. PineappleOnPizza
  51. PoopySnoopy
  52. ToadEyes
  53. Knock Knock!
  54. Interrupting Cow
  55. Slimy Blob
  56. LittleBlackDump
  57. Miss Chanandler Bong
  58. Success Addict
  59. Don’tDoDrugsKid
  60. CouchPotato


Kahoot! is a great way to make learning fun and interactive for students and teachers alike. Engaging trivia and quizzes are always better than the same old boring methods of studying. To make your time on Kahoot! even more fun try out the names above for a silly twist! Choose among the best Kahoot names for your account.

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