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What is the current value of an Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 is one of the finest video game systems of its time; it elevated gaming to new heights, resulting in a surge in sales. So you’re probably wondering how much an Xbox is worth.

The Xbox was introduced in November 2005 and has sold more than 85 million devices throughout the world. It also appeared in a variety of various versions, upgrades, and editions, which we’ll go over in this guide.

What is the value of an Xbox 360?

Xbox 360

Based on the quality and model of the Xbox you have, it might cost anywhere from $20 to $120. The Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 Slim. Lastly, the Xbox 360 E was all launched by Microsoft, and each one has its own pricing.

It all varies by state of the console, as well as if you get all of the controllers, manuals, and connectors. An Xbox with no packaging, controllers, or cords, for example, you can buy for as cheap as $15.

If it’s a limited edition system, though, a sealed Xbox in immaculate condition may sell for over $500. Everything boils down to the state of affairs.

$20 – $120 rate of used product

Refurbished prices range from $30 to $150.

$200+ if sealed

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What is the value of an Xbox Elite?

Xbox Elite

In April 2007, the Xbox Elite was essentially a black version of the Xbox 360 with additional storage and black controls.

The price of an Xbox Elite nowadays ranges from $20 to $140. This is dependent on the console’s quality, as well as whether or not you have the manuals, cables, controllers, and, of course, the box.

$20 – $140 price of used Xbox

Refurbished: $50 or more

$300+ if sealed

What is the value of an Xbox 360 Slim?

The Xbox 360 Slim, which was released in 2010, is a considerably newer machine. Despite the fact that it didn’t sell and the initial appearance that many players changed to the slim after the original began to slow down and sound like a little jet in the kids’ room.

Reliance on the quality and whether or not you have most of the attachments, manuals, and controllers, the Xbox 360 Slim valuing at between $35 and $130.

$35 – $130 used Xbox price

Refurbished prices range from $70 to $150.

$250+ for a sealed item

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What is the value of an Xbox Slim E?

Xbox slim E

The Xbox 360 Slim E is a system that sold very soon, well very few of them, which gets it more pricey if you’re seeking to sell it. It was launched in 2013, just a few months before Xbox One, which explains why it didn’t even sell well.

Depending on its quality, the Xbox Slim E prices anywhere from $25 to $130. A damaged, filthy, well-used Xbox Slim E will get $25, while a high condition system with all of the attachments can fetch well over $100.

$25 – $130 for used Xbox price

Refurbished prices range from $70 to $160.

$400+ if sealed (very rare)

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What is the value of an Xbox 360 controller?

The Xbox boasts some of the greatest Xbox components that Microsoft has ever produced, but the controller is famous that many people wish to sell.

Considering on quality and if it’s boxed or sealed, an Xbox controller may be valued anywhere from $15 to $60.

A secondhand Xbox controller will cost you around $20, whereas a brand new, never-used controller would set you back more than $60.

So, hopefully, this has answered your query about how much an Xbox is worth. 

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