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Free Email Providers – Top 6 in 2022 (You Must Know)

Free email providers

Did you know about free email providers in this Digital World? Many of us will answer this question easily because all of us are using Gmail in our day to day life. But other than Gmail there are many free email providers. In this blog, we are going to see the top free email providers in 2022

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gmail free email providers

It comes under the webmail type of email. Gmail is a regular inbox and anyone with a normal Google account can access it easily. It is built into google suite, so you can use a group of free apps like google hangouts, google meet, google calendar etc along with Gmail

Features of Gmail:

  • The commination features in Gmail are not like a normal email, so it is easy to use
  • With a single Gmail or Google account, users can use all google products like youtube, google drive. So it is all one email
  • It offers 15 GB of free storage, so users can store their documents safely
  • Gmail offers an option to add filters to separate your emails
  • It allows us to un send the email
  • Gmail has a text suggestion feature, so users can write emails faster


  • Personal use: Free
  • Business Use: Visit

Visit Gmail to know more about their service


aol free email providers

It is also a type of webmail and it is best for anyone who loves to do communications via email. AOL has some unique features and filters, so users can customize it quickly

Features of AOL:

  • This email provider gives unlimited storage for free, so users can use it effectively
  • Easy importing of email contacts, so users don’t have to create an email list from scratch
  • It offers a free spell checker, so user can write their emails without errors
  • Option to send text messages and instant messages from separate inbox window


  • Free

Visit AOL to know more about their service


outlook free email providers

It is a type of email client service and Outlook is a product of Microsoft. Like Gmail, Outlook also has many free apps and filters. Outlook also provides integration with many other apps

Features of Outlook:

  • Outlook supports add-ins, so users can use this easily
  • Easy access to many other Microsoft products
  • Excellent search and spam filters, so easy customization
  • Outlook offers 15 GB free storage


  • Personal use: Free
  • Home Use: Visit
  • Business Use: Visit

Visit Outlook to know more about their service

Yahoo Mail

yahoo free email providers

It is a webmail type email and it is suitable for users who send and receives attachments via email. Users can easily find the photos and documents in the inbox sidebar, so users can access all attachments from one place.

Features of Yahoo Mail:

  • Seamless connection with Yahoo Mail, so users can easily get meeting reminders without fail
  • Easily customizable background themes, so it is visually appealing
  • Instant notifications on new messages, so users never miss any mails
  • Security features to keep accounts and files safe


  • Free

Visit Yahoo Mail to know more about their service

iCloud Mail


It is best for people who use Mac and want everything to get organised in one single place. This email account comes with 5 GB of free storage, so you can use it to sync your devices

Features of iCloud Mail:

  • Just Single click Unsubscribe feature, so users can easily avoid unwanted emails
  • 5 GB free storage
  • Ability to add VIP label for certain senders, so users get important mails and messages automatically without filters
  • Customized Search functionality, so users can easily search within emails


  • Free

Visit iCloud Mail to know more about their service

Yandex Mail


The Yandex company offers a global email tool. So users can sign up for a free account with the tool and easily add it to their Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail accounts, so they will maintain a personalized inbox

Features of Yandex:

  • Automatic reminders for un replied emails, so users never miss important mails
  • Free 10 GB storage
  • Yandex offers a free inbuilt translator


  • Free

Visit Yandex Mail to know more about their service


Emails are one of the best ways of communication in this Digital World. The free email providers give users access to storage spaces and some effective features like error checking, translation etc. So users can do the email communication more effectively. In this blog, we shared the top 6 free email providers. Hope you find this blog post helpful. Follow PublishSquare to read more blogs like this.

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