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APM Tools List – Top 5 (You Must Try)

APM Tools

Did you want to monitor your application’s performance? Then you must aware of APM tools. APM Tools (Application Performance Monitoring tools) help developers that the application meets the standards and provides the best user experience. In this blog, we are going to see the Top 5 Best APM Tools.

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What is Application Performance Monitoring Tools (APM Tools)?

APM tools are a collection of tools that helps in monitoring the application performance, tracking the user experience, infrastructure monitoring, and so on. It is very helpful to discover, isolate and find solutions to a problem very quickly, most importantly it is so easy to minimize the negative effects on application performance.

Top 5 APM Tools

#1 New Relic

new relic apm tools

It is one of the best APM tools available in the market. New Relic is the best web application performance service designed to work in real-time with your web apps. So it provides flexible dynamic server monitoring.

Features of New Relic:

  • New Relic is suitable with all the different web development languages, so it is highly compatible
  • It acts like a service so you can access it from anytime and anywhere
  • This tools is highly helpful to to analyze user behavior, business transactions, customer insights, and more
  • New Relic provides the perfect dasboard, so users don’t have to customize anything on dashboard
  • It provides integration with AWS, so it helps to monitor AWS data in all New Relic Products
  • Forever Free plan is available, so users can use all features freely

Limitations of New Relic:

  • Beginners need to go through the deep learning curve to understand its capabilities
  • Complication on removing and installing new assets, so it needs improvement
  • Price is not so affordable

Pricing Plans:

  • Forever free plan
  • $99/month standard plan for teams up to 5 members
  • Pro plan with all free and standard plan features, but we have to take to the sales team for pricing information
  • Fully Customizable Enterprise plans and the pricing plans are as per our requirements

For more details, visit New Relic

#2 AppDynamics

appdynamics apm tools

It is a full-stack application performance management and IT operations analytics tool that is helpful for developers to monitor and so they understand their applications and stacks better

Features of AppDynamics:

  • It comprises three main components, controller, application server agent and machine agent, so it is highly helpful in analysing apps performance
  • Comparison of different metrics will be very easy, so tracking will be easy
  • Users can analyse more than one metric at the same time, so it is time saving
  • It provides real-time data insights, so developers can understand their application performance better

Limitations of AppDynamics:

  • Checking specific performance metrics requires an opening separate metric browser, so it becomes laggy
  • If we close the metric browser, the performance metric will get lost so we have to save the metrics
  • No free plan is available

Pricing Plans:

  • $6/month Infrastruture Monitoring Edition with Infrastructure monitoring feature only
  • $60/month Premium Edition with Infrastructure, Application, performance and Database monitoring
  • $90/month Enterprise edition with Infrastructure, Application Performance, Database and Business Performance Monitoring

For more details, visit AppDynamics

#3 Atatus

atatus apm tools

Atatus is one of the best affordable APM tools available in the market. It is a full-time observability platform that helps users to get deep insights, so user can analyse their website or application and eliminate possible errors.

Features of Atatus:

  • Using The APM tool, users can improve the speed of their application
  • This software provides solutions according to users roles, Industry and use cases. So users can easily choose the service
  • With real-time monitoring, user can visualize the user experience. So they can easy develope the app
  • Easy scalable pricing plans, so user can only pay for what they are using
  • For all type of plans, Atatus is providing 14 days free trail without credit card
  • Free sign-up and demo is available, so user can use all features freely

Limitations of Atatus:

  • Transactions overview screen can be improved
  • No .Net APM support.

Pricing Plans:

  • $0.07 per Host Hour/month APM plan
  • $1.96 per 10K views/month RUM plan
  • $0.01 per Host Hour/month Infra plan
  • $2 per GB/month Log plan

For more details, visit Atatus

#4 Dynatrace


It is like a leader of Application Performance Monitoring tools because it operates faster and also works efficiently than other APM tools. Dynatrace software intelligence platform provides all-in-one advanced observability for all APM cases, so it can monitor all kinds of metrics easily

Features of Dynatrace:

  • Real-time and detailed analytics, so users can easily monitor data performance
  • Best problem detection and diagnosis, so easy problem solving
  • 24/7 performance monitoring, so user can tract full live insights

Limitations of Dynatrace:

  • Documentations needs improvement
  • It is so expensive than others
  • Deep learning curve is must for beginners, so it is time consuming

Pricing Plans:

  • Free demo is available, but we have to get a quote o know the pricing details

For more details, visit Dynatrace

#5 Stackify Retrace

stackify retrace

It is a simple and easy to use SaaS application monitoring solution that aggregates APM, log, errors, and metric data for motoring and insights in pre-prod and prod environments

Features of Stackify Retrace:

  • Visibility up to code level performance, so users easily track performance from the code itself
  • Free trail up to 14 days is available, so user can try paid features
  • Easy tracking of transactions
  • Price is affordable

Limitations of Stackify Retrace

  • Mobile Support facility needs improvement
  • Integration with some external applications needs improvement

Pricing Plans

  • $35/month logs and errors plan
  • $79/month Retrace Essential plan
  • $199/month Retrace Standard plan

For more details, visit Stackify Retrace


APM tools are helpful for IT professionals to track their Application’ performance in a most effective manner. It helps them to track down all the important metrics under an easily customizable dashboard. In this blog, we have seen the 5 best APM tools. Hope you will find this article helpful. For more blogs like this, follow our PublishSquare. Let’s see the list of the top 5 Application Performance Monitoring tools again.

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