How to Premiere a Video on YouTube on Mobile

Are you finding it difficult to set your video premiere on Youtube? Nothing to worry about here are the simple steps to set your video premiere.

In this guide, we are gonna see how to set a video premiere on youtube on a mobile phone.

Step 1 – Open Youtube & click the plus symbol

First Open youtube.

Click the plus symbol on the bottom middle.

Step 2 – Select the option you want

After you’ve clicked on the plus symbol.

A create dropdown will open.

In that, there will be multiple options like “upload a video” & “create a short”.

Select the option you want.

Step 3 – Select the video you want

After you’ve clicked on the option you want.

The video media page will open, select the video you want.

Step 4 – Click the next button

After you’ve selected the video you want.

Click the next button in the top right corner.

Step 5 – Click the public option

After you’ve liked the next button, it will go to the video details page.

There you can see options like “Title”, “Add description”, “Public”, etc.

Click the public option.

Step 6 – Click the schedule

After you’ve clicked the public option, it will go to the set visibility page.

By default, the Public option will be selected.

Click the schedule option on the bottom.

Step 7 – Set your time and date

After you’ve clicked on schedule.

You should set the date and time, select the date and time you want to post your video.

after you’ve set the date and time, click the set as premiere option.

Step 8 – Click next

After you’ve given the date and time, come back to the page where you can give the video details.

Click the next button on the top right corner.

Step 9 – Click upload

After you’ve clicked on next, it will go to the audience page.

You can select the option you want.

And click the upload button on the top right corner.

Then your video will be uploaded on that date and time you’ve selected

Congrats! you’ve learned how to premiere a video on youtube on a mobile phone.


You can set a premiere video when you’re busy or want to upload a video on that particular date and time.

You can also premiere a video on a desktop, but here is the guide on how to premiere on mobile.

because mobile users are more than desktop users.

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