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Top Docker Alternatives (You Must Know)

docker alternatives
docker alternatives

Are you looking for Docker Alternatives? Then you are in the right place. In this blog, we are going to see about the docker, its limitations, and the top Docker Alternatives. Let’s continue our blog

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What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source platform for application development, testing, and deployment and it has packages of software known as Images. So an application developer can easily use this tool to develop a better application.

Why do we need Docker Alternatives?

  • Container’s speed is not upto the expectation.
  • The coordination in containers working is less.
  • Containers are not useful for all applications, so many are remains unused.
  • Once the container is shutdown, all datas associated with it will also gone.

Top Docker Alternatives



Podman is also an open-source application like docker and it manages the entire container that includes images using the Lippod library. The small drawback is that the Podman service runs only on Linux platforms, But it also communicates with API clients existing on Mac and Windows platforms.

Features of Podman

  • Portman supports multiple image formats, so so you can use for CI and docker image format in Podman
  • It maintains the container lifecycle easily, so users don’t have to worry about it
  • This software also support pots that manage a group of containers together, so user can do multiple actions at once
  • All the learning paths for available on their website

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Virtual Box

virtualbox docker alternatives

As its name indicates, Virtual Box is a virtual platform where users can develop and run applications on different platforms. Virtual Box is suitable for any standard x86 OS platform, so users can run this software in the OS of their choice. It also allows users to create their cloud-based online storage from their system.

Features of Virtual Box

  • It provides more flexibility, so you sir can walk in a platform of their choice
  • Virtual Box make the file formatting process easier, so so they can run those files on any OS
  • it allows switching between vs, so users find it more convenient

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vagrant docker alternatives

It is also one of the best docker alternatives that support developers to build,  support and maintain a portable virtual environment.

Features of Vagrant

  • It simplifies the software configuration management, so the productivity management will increase
  • Vagrant supports development in a few more languages than other docker alternatives
  • It is also an open-source development tool

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kubernetes docker alternatives

It is one of the best docker alternatives that is designed to manage, scale and deploy container-based applications. This tool is very popular and many famous companies like Yahoo, Pokemon go, The New York Times, Philips, and more are using this

Features of Kubernetes

  • It has storage orchestration, so users can utilize the storage system of their choice
  • Kubernetes also has automated Bin packing and self-healing features
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wox docker alternatives

One of the simple docker alternatives is Wox but it is very effective in launching the Windows operating system.

Features of Wox

  • It allows users to easily access web content and programs parallel to other work, so it is best for multitasking
  • Wox is completely free and it is available on Github
  • Due to the multi-tasking functionality, it increases the developer’s productivity

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LXC Linux Container

lxc linux container

This is one of the docker alternatives which has three components in it.  these components manage the containers and images that are used for application development.

Features of LXC Linux container

  • The Linux container components or configurable in both windows and Mac OS clients
  • Emulates the experience that is used in operating the virtual machines
  • The emulation process is done without any server overhead in virtual machines

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In this blog post, we have seen the top docker alternative with its features. All these docker alternatives have unique features so so read their installation process and their learning curves before using these development tools. If you find this blog helpful, please share it with your friends and follow Publish Square for more blogs like this

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