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5 Top No Code Tools For Website and App Development

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No Code Tools

Did you know you can also create an amazing website or an app with no code tools?  When I ask this question to some people they said: “Are you kidding, Website and App development are developers’ jobs then how can I create a website or app without being a developer?”

Their question is correct because App or web development requires a lot of coding language skills but this is an old scenario because now there are lots of no-code tools available on the market to easily create a website or app with a simple drag and drops option. 

So anyone can create a website or app without hiring a professional developer. In this blog post, we are going to see about the Top 5 no-code tools to create a website and app.

Table of Contents:

#1 Code2.io

code2.io no code tools

This is a newly-launched no-code platform that helps users to build custom responsive web apps without any coding and this tool comes under a type of website/app building no-code tool.

It has an advanced drag-and-drop interface and visual editor that makes it possible to create scalable web apps with pixel-perfect designs and powerful workflows. 

All stages of web building like setup, hosting, launching, and scaling are done by Code2.io and This tool provides an all-in-one no-code platform that enables you to build and launch web applications

Features of Code2.io

  • It has a showcase that has two different prebuilt templates and these templates are fully functional, easily customizable and easy to handle.
  • This tool has a built-in hosting server, so users have to add only the domain without worrying about hosting problems.
  • Users can publish their web app in just one click without waiting for any long time taking approvals
  • Web server setup, performance, security and backup processes can be easily done using this code2.io

Why do Users love Code2.io?

  • It is completely user friendly
  • Drag and drop feature, so easy customization
  • All web building tools are in one place, so easy to use
  • No web server setup, performance and security issues, so safe to use
  • It is best for eCommerce


  • Quite Costly
  • Only two pre-built templates are available to customize


  • Forever free plan with which users can create one live app and manage 10K requests
  • Lite – $14/month plan with which users can create one live app and manage 50K requests
  • Standard – $49/month free plan with which users can create five live apps and manage 100K requests
  • Pro – $149/month plan with which users can create ten live apps and manage 1M requests

#2 Bubble

bubble.io no code tools

This tool makes users the opportunity to prototype a whole app, build and launch it within hours, and scale their app growth. It has a set of internal tools that makes an app to be functional and easy to use.

The interesting trick in this tool is they are offering a chance to edit their website’s main page to showcase their tools functions and increase customers engagement.

Features of Bubble:

  • Users can create a pixel-perfect design without any knowledge of Html and CSS
  • Fully functional no-code platform with all advanced website/app building features, so users can create the best web browser or mobile browser applications
  • No need to set up any hosting setup and no hard limits on the number of users and traffic
  • Good community as well as technical support, so users can easily clarify their doubts and queries

Why do Users love Bubble?

  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Advanced web-building features
  • Great technical support
  • Fully functional templates


  • Little difficult to create responsive UI’s and Customer facing solutions
  • Performance issues when data is large and design is complex


  • Free plan with core platform features
  • Personal $25/month plan with personal email support feature and more
  • Professional $115/month plan with 3 server capacity, 2 developer versions and more
  • Production $475/month plan with 10 server capacity, 20 developer versions and more

#3 Webflow

webflow no code tools

It is a fully functional no code website building platform that allows users to create a responsive website with an excellent drag and drops feature.

Users can either use their idea to create a website from scratch or use the available pre-built template of their choice.

It has highly customizable features, so users can easily handle this.

Features of Webflow:

  • Visual Canvas feature helps users to create a website with any advanced coding knowledge
  • This tool is providing fast, reliable and problem-free hosting servers, so the website can be hosted without any issues
  • Advanced SEO tools like automatic site map update, redirects and easy canonical tags are available, so users don’t have to worry about the SEO issues
  • Flexible integration feature allows users to connect their marketing channels, so easy reach of new updates

Why do Users love Webflow?

  • Built-in SEO features
  • Built-in integration features
  • In-depth learning videos
  • Collection of demos from famous brands like Zendesk


  • Requires a learning curve to start
  • Limited capability to build a web application


  • Forever free plan with access to 2 projects
  • Two primary plans, site plans and eCommerce plans under which different types of pricing plans are available

#4 Carrd


If your business or an idea wants a simple one-page website or a landing page then Card will be your best partner in creating an amazing one-page website or landing page for your campaign.

Is also a no-code tool that helps users to create an engaging landing page with minimal effort, so it is best than other website builders.

This has all the excellent features that a high brand website builders have and Carrd is offering a free plan with which you can create up to three websites of your choice.

Features of Carrd:

  • Advanced web-building features allow users to create a fantastic website within an hour
  • The best tool to create a wide range of one-page websites like personal profiles, ad campaign page
  • Fully functional and easily customizable design, so very easy to use
  • Option to create a website from scratch or choose from dozens of free templates

Why do Users like in Carrd?

  • Best to create one-page websites
  • Fully functional and optimizable
  • Variety of free templates
  • Affordable price


  • Limited Storage
  • Inbuilt Website hosting is unavailable
  • No free custom domain
  • Free up to 3 websites but Carrd branding will be there


  • Carrd is offering the three best affordable pricing plans, lets take a look
  • Lite – $9/year offers 3 websites with no branding and more
  • Standard – $19/year offers 10 websites with google analytics, embedding options, meta tags and more
  • Plus – $49/year offers 25 sites with password protection, redirects and more

#5 Thunkable


If you want to create an app without in-depth coding knowledge and also you want to make it for both android and ios then Thunkable will help you in this task.

It is a great app-building tool that can automatically customize your app for both android and ios platforms.

Fully drag and drop functions and easy animations features allow you to create an app from scratch or combine it with existing ones you already have.

Features of Thunkable:

  • Advanced logic blocks, so users can create the best options in their apps
  • Open integration features allow users to combine an app with third party powers
  • Direct publishing feature, so external hosting server is not needed

Why do Users love Thunkable?

  • Easy Integration with the third party
  • Direct publishing to the app store and google play store
  • Easily manage with any change in play store and app store policy


  • Less storage in free account
  • Sometimes it becomes laggy


Thunkable has both a personal plan and a business plan, let’s take a look at that

Personal Plans:

  • Free plan with 10 projects limit
  • Starter $13/month plan with 20 projects limit and more
  • Pro $38/month with unlimited projects and more

Business Plans:

  • Free plan with 10 projects limits and more
  • Business plan $167/month with no project limit and more
  • Enterprise plan with customized pricing plans

What I Looked at to Find the Best No Code Tool:

Ease of Use:

One of the purposes of choosing no code tools is to make our work simple and effective, so always choose a no-code platform that is easy to use with fewer learning curves and this saves you hundreds of hours while working on your project.


Another purpose of choosing no code tools is to cut down spending on hiring a professional web developer, so choose a platform that best suits your budget

Pre-built templates:

As a beginner to create an app or website with no coding knowledge it is good to start from a template to create a design, so choose a platform that offers a variety of free pre-built templates

Free Trial:

All of us love free trials on products because it allows us to test a product or service before buying it, so if a product is offers a free trial, try it and if you find it useful and comfortable then buy it.


In this blog post, I shared a Top 5 no code tools to create an app or website. Let’s look at a quick summary of it

1. Code2.io: Newly launched no code tool that helps to create excellent responsive designs but with limited integration features and it is best for business owners, freelancers and a person with an idea.

2. Bubble: Best to create apps with advanced building features but difficult to create responsive UIs.

3. Webflow: Best website building platform with hosting server and advanced features like SEO, integrations etc but requires a deep learning curve to start.

4. Carrd: Best to create a one-page attractive website but inbuilt hosting servers is not available.

5. Thunkable: One of the best no code tools to create an app for both ios and android platforms but sometimes slows down.

I hope you will find this blog post useful, share this with your friends so they will also get to know this. Follow our PublishSquare for more blogs like this.

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