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How to find your stalkers on Instagram

Find Instagram Stalkers

In common instances, you might have come across a few Instagram accounts out there that do not interact with yours at all. They can be named stalkers on Instagram

Stalker accounts on Instagram are those that do not follow you but view your account or story more than twice. Plus they never interact in terms of liking or commenting on your posts.

They are completely different from those that pass by your account due to reasons such as your account appearing on their explore page or maybe your account was tagged on a post or story. These accounts we call “Passerby” accounts.

The passerby accounts are of no concern. They only land up on your account by chance and rather randomly. We need to focus on the stalkers on Instagram.

How to find these stalker account?

There are but 2 ways to pick out the stalker accounts on Instagram.

  1. You can get the Instgram Analytics application that finds people who interact the most, the least, people who stalk and more such analysis on your followers and posts.
  2. Or you can find them yourself by carrying out a few steps on your Instagram handle.

Pick out the stalkers

To find the stalkers yourself, you will be required to take a few steps.

  1. Post a story on your account. It is important to know how the viewer list is presented by Instagram. However you should post atleast twice everyday for a few consequtive days. This way its easier to spot the stalker.
  2. People who appear at the top of your viewerlist are the stalkers. The point is to find out who is vieweing your story but not following you. Nevertheless, as mentioned earlier, passerbys might also view your story by chance, but they will not appear on top.

Understanding the viewer list

According to Instagram’s story algorithm, it is said to view accounts on top depending on how long they watch your stories and also on how many times they view it.

But initially, when you post a story, the viewer list shows names in chronological order. And after a while, it shows according to the algorithm created.

The algorithm analysis has never been confirmed by Instagram officials. It is said to have been leaked by mistake.

Instagram stories have their own guidelines and rules that cannot be violated at any time. Doing so might get your Instagram account deleted.


Instagram stalkers are pretty common. Some of them are harmless who just want to take in your content but don’t want to follow you back

There are some which can be harmful and creepy. Whatever the case, you can find them and protect yourself by following this guide.

However, as a business owner, you might want to direct your efforts and content to your active followers who might give you a sale.

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