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11 Top websites to watch anime

Top 11 Anime websites to watch anime with subtitles, for every location, with links and free to download. Watching anime from a website is not illegal until it is an illegal website.

There are several legal websites that provide every genre in anime and popular anime like One Piece, Dragon Ballz, Naruto, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and many more for free and some with paid like Gogoanime.

There are many alternatives for gogoanime and they are also free. Being a beginner weeb is hard don’t have resources to watch and download and you have to wait for someone to send you or pay for it.

Getting lists of anime websites is something I wanted as a beginner. Every otaku (weeb) must know these anime websites to have a good weeb life.

#1 Zoro

Zoro is an obvious free and ad-free website to watch all your favorite anime every genre of anime. Also, it was recommended to me by one of my weeb friends and Zoro anime is the only first option I would go to watch anime in the first place.

The best thing is that you don’t have to literally login or sign in to watch any website also its server is always the best one from loading to loading subtitles.

It gives you an option to create a room, where you can watch them with your weeb friend in real-time or just with some random weeb community where there are lots and lots of people who would love to join you if you create a room for the public.

Meanwhile, enjoy the chat of that room at the website itself.

You can find other people’s comments to actually know whether the anime is worth your time and if you really enjoy it.

#2 Gogo Anime

Gogo anime is a website with low data consumption used worldwide by the active weebs, pro anime watchers, and creators to access free anime as a resource and entertainment.

All though it is a free online website it’s not better than all other websites where there are so many alternatives for you to check according to your location and internet access. whereas gogoanime owns kiss anime and 9 anime.

#3 CrunchyRoll

If you’re wondering where to watch anime, Crunchyroll is a great place to start your weeb life,  lets you search for anime by genre, the popularity of seasons, episodes, series, and more

Crunchyroll’s standard version is free, but be ready to watch ads too, see if you want an ad-free experience and some additional features you need to upgrade to the premium version.

#4 Kiss Anime

Secondly, Kiss Anime is one of the largest anime websites in the world that has anime of all genres of science fiction. horror, comedy whatever.

With Kiss Anime you can watch anime online or download anime to watch offline it doesn’t have an active internet connection.

It offers subtitles and dubbed versions of anime so you can choose.

What I prefer is to create a kiss anime account not required to watch anime, but it can help you manage your favorite episodes.

Of course,  Kiss runs anime ads to keep your anime content free.

#5 Funimation

Thirdly, Funimation is an excellent anime website known for releasing anime with English subtitles. You have to pay for the premium version of the feature to watch with  English audio and with the premium version, you don’t have to see any ads.

#6 Nineanime 

If you’d prefer to see your anime in HD, check out nine Animes. You can stream most of the content on the website without registration or payment.

Unfortunately, the video player of 9 anime cuts off the intros and does not allow you to download the anime.

#7 Anime Dao

AnimeDao is one of the best places to watch anime online because of its super-fast loading speeds. High video quality and ease of use

Also, they offer versions with subtitles and dubbing in English for free, but you have to pay with your time watching ads.

#8 Chia anime 

Also, Chia anime, you can watch popular anime titles as soon as air in Japan.

Their website is easy to navigate and keeps you up to date with the latest releases of anime on their homepage browse their Website is simple.

Allows you to search for anime based on different categories such as genres seasons and times.

You can even download  anime to watch offline, but keep in mind that if you really want to know what happened in the last  episode of your favorite anime, you have to deal with  pop-up ads in the anime chia

#9 AnimeLab

Take a look at AnimeLab they make the latest episodes to be had on their internet site just one hour after it is broadcast in japan anime lab is likewise a sensible preference.

If you like looking at anime at the cross considering it is like-minded with cell gadgets running on android and ios the unfastened model of anime lab runs ads

However, you may dispose of them by paying for the top class model you will additionally want the top class model if you need to look at English dubbed anime and recall anime lab is most effective.

#10 Anime-Planet

Then, Anime-Planet has a collection of over 45000 anime episodes. If you don’t know which anime to start with  Watching the Anime-Planet platform will solve your problem.

They have lots of great recommendations and their community contains reviews of anime written by fans.

Their user interface provides a comfortable video experience on all devices from televisions to computers to mobile phones, similar to other free anime websites 

It turns ads, but there are noticeably fewer pop-up ads. You cannot search anime by categories such as genre on this website.

#11 AnimeHeaven

At last, AnimeHeaven is a viral anime show streaming platform that has a huge collection of content available to users. This collection contains films, series.

Also, you can even find synced versions of this content. You can even download the AnimeHeaven APK file that will allow you to install the app on your device.

The use of the platform’s services is completely legal, the content is available in suitable resolution formats, all you have to do to play a film is click on it.

All information about the film is also made available on the platform.


My choice and recommendation will be ZORO to have the best full use of the website, affordable and to use its features to its whole.




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Anime Heaven.

In conclusion, we saw all the anime websites, if they were free or not, and many things more, Share it with your weeb partner. Happy watching.

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