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Phone Monitoring Apps: You should be aware of

phone monitoring apps
Phone Monitoring Apps

Did you want to monitor your children’s mobile activity for your employee’s business-related mobile activities? then this blog will be helpful for you. Because in this blog we are going to see the top phone monitoring apps to monitor phone activities. You can use it for yourself to monitor your mobile activities. Let’s continue our blog

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Top Phone Monitoring Apps


ikeymonitor phone monitoring apps

It is one of the best phone monitoring apps in the market and it is suitable for Windows, IOS, and Android phones. iKeyMonitor monitors your phone activities like websites you are visiting, social media pages, text messages, GPS location, and more. 

Features of ikeymonitor

  • It has built-in recorder, so it automatically records call logs and calls
  • iKeyMonitor will screenshot  the phone activities, so you can view it as a slideshow
  • Alert feature is also available so whenever the word is mentioned you will get the alert in email
  • You can also set screen time limit for certain allowed apps

Visit iKeyMonitor, to know their feature updates


  • Free basic family plan with Limited features but you can buy addons for more premium features
  • $9.99 Business plan with all family pack features and add on features 


mspy phone monitoring apps

It is one of the best phone monitoring apps for Android. With MSpy you can easily monitor your children’s phone activity including text messages call history etc

Features of MSpy

  • Parents can monitor children’s web activity, game activity, call locks, call records, social media activities easily
  • It updates the phone activities for every 5 minutes
  • MSpy is available for both Android and IOS mobiles
  • This is one of the Global phone monitoring app so you can use it in any country
  • You can easily monitor iOS phones without jailbreaking it 

Visit MSpy, to know their feature updates


You have to request your free demo, to know there pricing details of MSpy


flexispy phone monitoring apps

It is monitoring software for both mobile devices and pc. Flexispy has a product specially made for business activity monitoring than Parental Control. So if you are an employer,  this FlexiSpy will be more helpful for you to monitor your employee 

Features of FlexiSpy

  • It has more than 150 features, so it makes your monitoring work easy
  • FlexiSpy is completely hidden ones you installed it on mobile devices. so without any interruption you can record all the activities
  • It has one special monitoring feature, that is you can intercept mobile calls using FlexiSpy
  • All the track data can be deleted after 90 days, but it has a download option.  so you can download the data for future reference

Visit FlexiSpy, to know their latest feature updates


It has different pricing plans for different platforms like Android,  iPhone, IPad, computers, and portals. here I am giving a pricing plan for Android phones for Parental Control,  if you want to check the pricing for other devices please visit their pricing page.

  • $29.95 Lite Plan
  • $68 Premium Plan
  • $199 Extreme Plan


spyera monitoring apps

If you want to hide the tracking activity then try SpyEra. Because it is cloud-based software, shows all the activities or synced in the cloud without host phones.

Features of SpyEra

  • This software works well with IOS and Andriod devices
  • It has tools for PC Monitoring as well
  • Control Panel is very user friendly, so you can easily access it
  • It uses KeyLogger to capture all the entries

Visit SpyEra, to get their feature updates


It has both Monthly and Annual billing plans. Let’s see the pricing details

  • $89/month Smart Phone Plan
  • $69/month Tablet Plan
  • $49/month Computer Plan
  • $479/month All in One Plan


xnspy app

This app has many simple yet powerful features, so it is one of the best phone monitoring apps. It has options to monitor GPS locations, web activity, and more

Features of XNSPY

  • It has screen recorder product, so the activities can be recorded
  • Quick summaries and reports are frequently available for download
  • It has special analytics options, so you can monitor and view all activities

Visit XNSPY, to know the latest feature updates


It has Quarterly, Monthly, and Yearly billing options and with the yearly billing option you can save up to 40%

  • $4.99/month XNSPY Basic Edition
  • $7.49/month XNSPY Premium Edition


In this, we have seen Best Phone Monitorig Apps in Detail. These apps are best to monitor all the basic and advanced mobile activities. So try these apps to monitor mobile activities, these also have free plans and demos. Hope you like this and follow Publish Square for more blogs like this.

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