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5 Best Free TextNow Alternatives for High Quality Internet Calls

TextNow alternatives are nothing but voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as IP telephony, which is a procedure and set of technologies.

TextNow alternatives allow voice communications and multimedia parts to be delivered over Internet Protocol (IP) networks like the internet.

The concepts of Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service make reference to the delivery of communications services (voice, fax, SMS, and voice-messaging) over the Web as opposed to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), also known as plain old telephone service (POTS).

Pros of using TextNow Alterntives

  • There is clear audio in the calls if you have an excellent internet connection. Every phone call has a small amount of dissatisfaction, which results in misunderstanding. Maybe the call is from colleagues, friends, or family. Furthermore, the worst audio in a video call or in a conference call is a pessimum.
  • Not just audio phone calls are provided by TextNow alternatives. They also allow users to send images, documents, and video files as well as do video calls via the internet. Even when you are currently on a call.
  • Every user gets a VoIP phone number with any area code. This is an advanced feature for any particular person.
  • Flexible, reserved, and advanced options; your own number wherever you go and use them. You can set up call forwarding, blocking, caller ID, voicemail, easy management, and auto call distribution.
  • You can direct calls to another person when you are unable to attend to them or get voicemails emailed to you. Even if you don’t have your mobile, you can install, login, access your number, and call it from another phone.
  • affordable as it does not have to connect with any other hardware device. All you need is internet charges. You don’t even have to pay according to your talk time.

Cons of Using TextNow Alterntives

  • Locating your location by any third party is impossible as it is flexible. This is either an advantage or a disadvantage. advantage from the privacy standpoint. But this is a disadvantage when any higher authority has to locate you for any emergency case.
  • An internet connection is everything, as your calls are through the internet. Also, all you will need around you is a stable and durable internet connection.

Features to find the best Text alternative

  • Call recording, queue, notifications, and forwarding.
  • Conference Calling
  • Conferencing via video
  • Affordable
  • Voicemail in E-mail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Quality Voice Calls
  • Caller ID
  • Finally, unlimited calls.

We will now look at the TextNow alternatives:

#1 CallHippo

CallHippo is an easy-to-use TextNow alternative that provides system work to accomplish, advanced features, extensive reporting, and seamless integrations to enable sales and service teams to have effective customer conversations.

CallHippo is used by over 5000 global businesses.

Moreover, it provides world-class support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is available via desktop and mobile app.


  • Hold calls and upload your own custom music.
  • Call barging, and queuing
  • Call analytics
  • voice broadcasting.
  • Finally, easy access.


Call Hippo as a TextMe alternative and it provides so many pricing options, starting at $1.5.

Also, they have a free trial of 10 days on every plan.

#2 Google Voice

Google Voice is an absolute TextNow alternative provided by a trustable corporate.

They provide a phone number for every Google account you open.

In Google Voice, you can transcribe the voicemails so you can read them instead of listening to them.


  • voicemail transcriptions from stored
  • backup for voicemail transcriptions, calls, messages, and MMS.
  • Filter spam.
  • Block phone numbers.


Google Voice as a TextNow alternative has quite a good pricing plan.

  • A starter package is $10/month.
  • The standard package is $20/month.
  • The Premier package is $30/month.

#3 Text+

Text+ is a great TextNow alternative where you don’t need to include an email address.

Also, Text+ provides users with a choice of phone numbers.

It shows some ads, and it is such a drawback, but you can get rid of ads for a day for $0.05.


  • Unlimited Free SMS and MMS Messaging
  • Free voice mail
  • Customizable text-tone, ringtone, and vibration
  • Finally, customizer themes


  • Outbound calls for $0.02/minute
  • Remove ads for $0.05/day.

#4 TextMe

TextMe has more than 10 million downloads here on Google Play Store.

which makes it a better TextNow alternative, indicating that it is also very popular.

Users can sign up with their email or Facebook account to get started.

Furthermore, the disadvantage is that it contains advertisements.


  • The user interface is easy to use. 
  • Also, they are removable.
  • Call recordings and notifications
  • You can have many numbers simultaneously.


TextMe costs $0.10/month.

#5 Rebtel:

Whenever you need to make cheap international calls, Rebtel is an outstanding TextNow alternative.

Users can make calls to over 50 countries, including landline numbers.

You can also use your mobile phone plan to make calls instead of using the internet.

Prices are reasonable, and you can pay on a monthly basis.

Furthermore, Rebtel will give you $5 in calling credit for each friend who makes a purchase after you refer them.


  • Contact any phone, from a smartphone to a landline.
  • There are no hidden costs.
  • Plans that are designed for specific calling requirements.
  • When calling 50+ countries, no internet connection is required.
  • Connect via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi, or local phone lines—the choice is yours.
  • Finally, you can invite your friends to receive free calling credits.


Pricing is mentioned as country-based.


My choice and recommendation will be CallHippo to have the best full use of the TextNow alternatives, affordably and to use its features to its whole.

Take time to select the best one. Also, I hope my blog helps you get an idea quickly by looking at each of the best TextNow alternatives to do internet calls.

I found these Best TextNow alternatives out of my own curiosity and hope you will also find them useful and find my ratings right according to their features and limitations. 

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