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How many Milliliters are in a Cup?

Cups measurement conversion guide

As an experienced home cook or beginner who is passionate about cooking? Then you might try out many recipes which are available online. But the problem here is the cup measurement conversion because there are different conversions units worldwide. Some of that are cups, pints, ounces, and Gallon. Mainly liquid measurements are given in ml units, so you have to know How many Milliliters are in a cup? Then only you can the current quantity of liquid items to your food. So in this guide, I am going to tell you How many ml are in a cup? and other cup measurement conversions.

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How many Milliliters are in a cup?

how many milliliters are in a cup

There are many cup standards in size, so for each cup standard, the millimeter count varies. Here we are going to see the 4 cup standards, which are Legal US Cup, Customary U.S. Cup, Imperial Cup, and Metric Cup. Let’s see How many ml are in a Cup? in detail

  • 1 legal U.S.Cup has 240 milliliters
  • 1 Customary U.S.Cup has 236.59 milliliters

The below two cup measurement is based on Imperial System and Metric System

  • 1 Imperial Cup has 284.13 milliliters
  • 1 Metric Cup has 250 milliliters

with the above value you can easily calculate how many milliliters in a half cup and third cup?

Ounces to Cups Conversion

cups measurement conversion guide

The fluids are usually measured in volume or ounces and it is difficult for anyone to convert the volume ounces to cups. There is where the ounces to cups measurement conversion guide is needed. Eight ounces of fluid is equal to one cup of water. So if you saw 8 ounces of water in any cookbook, then remember that it is equal to 1 cup of water

  • 4 ounces of fluid = ½ cup of fluid
  • 8 ounces of fluid = 1 cup of fluid
  • 16 ounces of fluid = 2 cups of fluid

Pints to Cups Conversion

The pint is quite larger than cups but this conversion measurement guide may vary based on ingredients. Let’s see the cups to pint measurement conversion guide.

W.K.T, 8 ounces of fluid = 1 cup of fluid = ½ pint of fluid

So 2 cups of fluid are equal to 1 pint of fluid. As mentioned above, these measurements vary from ingredient to ingredient. In many groceries stores, the ingredients are measured by weight.

1 pint = ¾ pounds = 2 cups

How many cups in a half-pint?

As per the above reference, 1 pint is equal to 2 cups of fluid. So half pint is equal to 1 cup of fluid

½ pint = 1 cup

Cups in a Gallon?

Gallon is a measurement of Volume or Density of fluid and it is directly proportional to the mass of a fixed volume. So the weight of a gallon of fluid differs based on the density of the liquid ie the milk is heavier than water in terms of volume

1 gallon of fluid = 16 cups of fluid = 8 pints of fluid

How many Cups in a Quart?

One Quart of fluid is equal to the 4 Cups of fluid. Therefore one quart is equal to 2 pints and ¼ Gallon.

  • 4 Cups = 1 Quart
  • 2 Pints = 1 Quart
  • ¼ Gallon = 1 Quart

Measurement Conversion Guide

  • 8 Ounces = 1 Cups
  • 2 Cups = 1 Pint
  • 4 Cups = 1 Quart
  • 16 Cups = 1 Gallon
  • 8 Pints = 1 Gallon
  • 4 Quarts = 1 Gallon
  • 2 Pints = 1 Quart


In this blog, we have seen the How many Milliliters in a Cup? and other measurement conversion guides. I hope this will be helpful for you to measure ingredients in cups. Remember this conversion guide while you try any recipe because the perfect measurement is very important for dish perfection. If you find this helpful, share this with your friends and follow PublishSquare for more blogs like this.

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