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Short Professional Bio Examples

Short Professional Bio
Short Professional Bio Examples

In social media like LinkedIn Twitter or your business website, the bio section is very important. Because this is the area where you can describe yourself, your experience, and your company. It should like ya positive statement because it is the first impression that you make online. So in this blog, we are going to see some short professional bio examples. This will help you to craft your short professional bio for your social media profile or your website.

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Best short professional bio examples

Lena Axelsson

lena short professional bio

Lena is a marriage and family therapist. Her professional bio on psychology today’s website is one of the best examples of short professional bios. Psychology today is here professional industry website for finding therapists and treatment centers and it is also known for the well-drafted professional bio. In her bio, Lena grabs the reader’s attention with her first sentence itself. Because in the first few sentences she recognizes your problem that many offer potential clients are suffering. She also delivers a message that she has an idea to identify why it is a problem.

The first sentence helps her to develop the rest of her bio. In the upcoming paragraph, she explains how she helps the client and the benefits. She also mentions why she is a good fit for this and how she differs from others doing the same thing. In the final paragraph, she explains her educational background. So with this detail, she delivers her passion empathy, and understanding of her profession. So this professional bio will impress her potential client’s attention.

Audra Simpson

audra simpson short professional bio

She is a professor in the anthropology department of Columbia University. On the Columbia University website, the bio is written in the third person view. Audra Simpson’s bio is a great example of a third-person bio because this kind of bio for less common nowadays. The best part of the third-person bio is it sounds more authoritative and professional.

The first section of her bio simply describes her research interest, research sub-interest, and regions. The second part describes her biography in a very simple manner without any bragging. In a short space, her credentials and experience work information are shared clearly. Her bio page has designation along with their contact info and office hours and this is the bio format of the university.

Corey Wainwright

corey short professional bio

She is a content marketer and her professional bio on the HubSpot website is well known. Her bio is also a third-person bio and it also returns character thanks to the personal information. Her whole bio Hindi hotspot website is less than 25 words but it describes have profession clearly. This kind of bio this also suitable for social profiles like Twitter and Instagram.

Marie Mikhail

marie mikhail short professional bio

Recruitment is not an interesting career for everyone but it is one of the important roles in every firm. Because recruiters are responsible to hire the right person for the right job. So if you want to develop a career in talent acquisition, you have to deliver your interest, passion, and experience via your professional bios. Marie Mikhail’s bio is one of the best examples of this scenario. Because via her bio she doesn’t just tell she is passionate, she tells a story. She describes her career journey from her school days. In her LinkedIn bio, she describes her experience along with her extracurricular love of convincing people as a short crisp story.

Megan Gilmore

megan gilmore

She is a cookbook and food writer who focuses mainly on building audiences on Instagram and LinkedIn. There are many social media out there, but finding suitable social profiles for you is very important. Megan chose her social profiles correctly and creates her bio perfectly. For Instagram, she creates a crisp bio that describes her passion for recipes and she also gave her LinkedIn profile link there. She includes platform-related emojis in her bio to make it more attention-seeking and it works for her.

Tim Cook

tim cook

The next short professional bio we are going to see is Tim Cook’s bio. He is the CEO of Apple and this bio is present on the Apple website. This bio is very professional and describes his current work position as the CEO of Apple and the fact that he is one of the board of directors. His bio is third person and it also describes his previous work positions and his educational information. This also includes his work experience before Apple.

Rebecca Bollwitt

rebecca bollwitt

Instagram is a social profile where you can write crisp bios of yourself. Rebecca Bollwitt’s bio is a good Instagram bio that describes all her positions within a few lines. She used relevant emojis to categorize the sections of her professional bio in a fun way.


A professional bio has to explain who you are and what you are doing uniquely. It is the place where your readers or viewers know about you. So it is very important to deliver the details as a positive statement. I hope you got some ideas about creating your professional bio through this blog. Share this with your friends and colleagues to help them too. Follow Publish Square for more blogs like this.

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