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JibJab Alternatives: To Create Attractive ecards

jibjab alternatives
Top Jibjab Alternatives

Do you want to create attractive ecards, music videos, and gifs for your business or personal use? Then you should aware of JibJab. JibJab Is designing a platform that allows you to create ecards, music videos, etc. With JibJab Free account you only can create and share GIFs, so to create ecards and music videos you have to upgrade to the premium account. So if you are looking for a free way to create attractive ecards and music videos then you should try JibJab alternatives

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Top JibJab Alternatives


canva jibjab alternatives

It is a designing platform best for beginners and it has both free and Pro versions. You can easily create the designs you want with the free elements in Canva. 

Some of the pro features of Canvas are background removal, design resizing, and paid elements. So with canva, you can easily create cards and music videos for free and download them to your device. 

Features of Canva

  • Easy drag and drop design interface, so it is very easy to use
  • Free stock images and music or available, so you can use them without any license
  • It has a social media scheduling option and sharing option
  • You can also add collaborators to your design or share the editable design 
  • Many free templates are available, so you can easily create ecards
  • Illustrations, stickers, and shapes are available
  • It has both mobile(Android & IOS) and web version

Visit Canva, to see the ecard templates

Smilebox ecard

smilebox ecard

It is one of the best JibJab alternatives which has many features like JibJab. Similar to canva it has many ecard templates, so users have a huge choice

Features of Smilebox ecard

  • It has a library feature and it is frequently updated with a new set of templates,  so users have more choice
  • You can make personalized ecards with your photos instead of the available photos
  • It allows you to use images from social media accounts
  • You can add special effects to your designs to make them more attractive
  • Smilebox ecard has much royalty-free music so you can use that music for free
  • Itarsi cloud storage option, so you can access your design from any device
  • A preview option is available, so you can easily check the look of your design
  • It only has a Browser version,  so you can access with Internet and their good browsers

Visit Smilebox ecard, to see ecard templates

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

adobe express jibjab alternatives

It is one of the products of Adobe and one of the best JibJab alternatives. With Adobe Creative Cloud Express you can easily create ecards within a few minutes and share them easily

Features of Adobe Creative Cloud Express

  • It is very beginner-friendly so so anyone can easily create an ecard with Adobe Creative Cloud Express 
  • The library section has different varieties of ecard templates so so you can easily choose the template of your choice
  • You can easily search for templates by defining specific colors, moods, etc
  • It also has a blank canvas option so  you can create an ecard from scratch
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Express has an image resizer option, so you easily customize your design for any social media
  • You can directly download the card to your device or share it on social media or you can directly print it from Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Visit Adobe Creative Cloud Express, to make ecards easily



It is also another best JibJab alternative that is best for beginners. This platform as thousands of free templates and images to create e-cards

Features of GraphicSprings

  • The editor is user-friendly and clean, so you can make a design within a few minutes
  • It supports SVG, JPG, and PNG formats for or downloading the ecards 
  • Graphicsprings allows you to share designs on social media
  • It supports both desktop and mobile browsers

Visit GraphicSprings, to get their templates

Open Me

open me

This is one of the JibJab alternatives which is completely free, so you can use all the features without paying for them

Features of Open Me

  • It has fully customizable templates,  so you can create ecards in a few minutes
  • You can also create a card and upload it as a template. 
  • The library is mostly updated with trending occasions templates
  • It allows users to share the designs for the collaboration

Visit Open Me, to see their free templates


Here we have seen the top five JibJab alternatives, so if you want to create and share some special ecards try this out. Out of this, we would recommend Adobe Creative Cloud Express and canva because it has more templates and photos when compared to others. If you like this blog, share it with your friends. Follow Publish Square for more blogs like this

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