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How to Delete Instagram Call History?

How to delete Instagram call history
How to delete Instagram call history

As an Instagram user, you may have many followers on your account? What happens when you accidentally started your voice call with them? If you want to delete it before that person saw it means what will you do? I am asking this question because Instagram allows you to delete messages using but it won’t allow you to delete voice calls. So in this blog, we are going to see how to delete your Instagram call history easily?

How to delete Instagram call history?

how to delete instagram call history

Today messages on Instagram you can tap and hold messages and then select unsend. By doing this the message won’t be shown to the other person. If you try the same method to delete the voice or video call bubble nothing will happen to it. So to know how to delete your Instagram call history follow the below-mentioned steps.

Open the chat and tap on the info

instagram call

To delete your call history first open your Instagram app and tap on messages

Next, go to the Instagram chat in which you want to delete your Instagram call history

Then tap on the info icon in the top right corner of the chat screen

Enable vanish mode to remove Instagram call history

After you have tapped only the info icon on the chat you will see the details page

That you will see some chat settings and in that you will see the team and vanish mode

The theme option will allow you to change your chat background and the vanish mode allows you to hide all the messages including voice chats in the Instagram chat

If you don’t see these options it means that you didn’t update the messaging features of Instagram yet. So first go to your Instagram profile and tap on the menu and then settings

After that tap on update messaging, and now you can see the vanish mode in the chat settings

Tap on the vanish mode to enable it.

Call history is now deleted

After you enable the vanish mode call history from both sides will be deleted

In the vanish mode, the messages from both sides will also be hidden and this feature is visible to the other person

That means when the other person opens sleep chat they will see the message X turned on vanish mode

They can’t see your messages or voice chat in that chat

After you disable the vanish mod all the messages and voice chat will appear again in the same chat

Only voice calls will disappear from your chat after you enable and disable the vanish mode

Can you delete your call history on Instagram?

Instagram won’t give this call history deleting option directly but you can do this by enabling it in the vanish mode

To do that you have to visit this Instagram chat details page and then tap on vanish mode to enable it

But enables this vanish mode the entire chat history including messages voice chat and voice calls will disappear from that chat

Once you disable the vanish mode you can see the messages and voice chat but not the voice call

So try this method when you want to undo the voice calls on Instagram

This method is also applicable on video calls too


If you don’t want your Instagram call history on a particular chat or you accidentally started your video or voice call with someone and want to delete it try the above mention method. Because tap and hold the voice or video call bubbles will do nothing. This is because Instagram doesn’t have your feature for it instead of it you can try to vanish mode option. I hope you found this block helpful and if it is so share it with your friends who want to delete their Instagram call history. Follow Publish Square for more blogs on social media tips and tricks.

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