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How to Create New Password for My Eyes Only on Snapchat

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Want to change your my eyes only password? Do know how to do that? Nothing to worry about here are the simple steps to change your my eyes only password.

My Eyes Only allows you to save your snaps in a private gallery.

If you have snaps that you don’t want others to see, you can add them there.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to change My Eyes Only passwords on Snapchat.

How to change My Eyes Only password on Snapchat

To change my eyes only password on Snapchat. you should first open Snapchat.

Go to the memories and click my eyes only.

On the bottom right corner, you’ll be able to see the option.

Click the option, you’ll see the change password option.

Click the change password, and give your old password.

Then give the new password for your my eyes only.

Step 1 – Go to memories and click my eyes only option 

How to go to the my eyes only

First, open your Snapchat app on your mobile, and log in to your Snapchat account.

Once you’ve opened the Snapchat account, swipe up to see the memories.

On the memories page, on the top right corner, you’ll see my eyes only option.

Click my eyes only tab.

Step 2 – Click on options 

How to change password

After you’ve clicked on my eyes only, you’ll see a number pad screen.

On the bottom right corner, you’ll be able to find an option.

Click the option tab.

Step 3 – Click on change passcode 

how to change passcode

After you’ve clicked the option tab.

You’ll see a box with two options, “change password” and “reset password”.

Click the change password, if you forgot your old password click the reset password to create a new password.

Step 4 – Enter your current passcode 

Enter current passcode

After clicking change password, a number pad will appear.

In that number pad give your old 4 digit password.

Step 5 – Create new passcode 

Enter new passcode

Once you’ve entered your old password, it will go to another page.

On that page, you can type your new password for my eyes only.

You can also use a passphrase for my eyes only, but the passcode is secure.

For the passphrase, you should click the below button.

After you’ve given the new password, the password will be saved for you my eyes only on Snapchat.

Congrats, you’ve successfully learned how to change your My Eyes Only password on Snapchat!


My eyes only are a safe place to hide your photos.

Make sure that you remember your password.

Once you forget your password you need to reset it.

When you reset it all the photos in my eyes only will be deleted.

Snapchat will not be able to restore the snaps saved in my eyes only.

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