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10 Best 2D Animation Software in trend

best 2d animation software
best 2d animation software

In this blog, we are going to see about the 10 best 2D animation software in trend with its features and pricing details

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What is 2D animation software?

This software is used to create characters, storyboards, and backgrounds. 2D animation Means two-dimensional animation in which characters and backgrounds are created in two-dimensional flat space. Usually this software use vector and bitmap graphics to edit and create animated images

10 best 2D animation softwares:

1. Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate 2d animation software

This software is used to create animation for games apps and some other web designs like animated, banners, headers, posters etc. By using Animate cc we can create vector and bitmap animations

Features of Adobe Animate:

  • It has an automation voice adding a feature so it automatically matches voice with poses
  • Easy arrangement of layers, so clear design space
  • 360 degree VR export feature

Pricing: Free trial is available, after that it costs around $22/month

2. SketchBook

sketchbook 2d animation software

It is the best 2D animation tool that helps in creating animation with less effort, so users can create designs very easily

Features of SketchBook:

  • Users can create animation with basic features so it is highly useful
  • It allows users to adjust the rules so it is flexible
  • PSD( Photoshop document) export and import feature is available

Pricing: Free

3. Synfig

synfig 2d animation software

It is an open-source 2D animation program so anyone can use this software freely. This software is available for OS like Windows, OS X and Linux

Features of Synfig:

  • It provides more than 50 layers to create animation so  more free space is available
  • Using this software users can transform any image that has vector into another image
  • Users can link layer parameters with a mathematical expression so it is easy to use

Pricing: Free

4. Animaker

animaker 2d animation software

It is a web-based 2D animation software that has a variety of prebuilt animated characters, icons, charts etc. It has a video creating option so users can create an animated video for their brand

Features of Animaker:

  • 6 variety of unique video styles available so users can create animated videos for their requirement
  • It is flexible so anyone can easily use it
  • Animaker has more than 200 sound effects so users can easily add a variety of sound effect
  • It also allows collaboration so you can add your teammates to Animaker
  • Animaker also has a direct voice recording option so users can give direct voice over to their animated  video

Pricing: The basic plan costs $10/month

5. Krita

krita 2d animation software

It is a simple 2D animation software that allows easy workflow customisation. This software is available  in open source with more than 100 professional brushes

Features of Krita:

  • Brush stabilizing feature is available, so users can get the required  smoothness
  • It has nine unique brush engines, so users can customise the brushes
  • Krita has an in-built vector drawing tool
  • It allows users to import textures, so users can use other artists textures in this software

Pricing: Free

6. Pencil2D


It is a kind of hand drawing animation software and it is easy to use so anyone can create designs. 

Features of Pencil2D:

  • This software can run in Windows, macOS and Linux
  • It has a flipping and rolling feature, so users can review their design quickly
  • This software is so flexible to create commercial designs

Pricing: Free

7. Opentoonz


It is also an open-source animation software that has four types of scanning features and it is compatible with TWAIN standards

Features of Opentoonz:

  • The software provides an easy painting feature so user can paint their design with professional colours easily
  • Imported images can be adjusted with the actual scale resolution feature
  • Plugin is available

Pricing: Free

8. Stop Motion Studio

stop motion studio

It is a 2D animation software that is available only for iOS users. The software has an import option from cameras that includes Canon, Sony and Nikon

Features of  Stop Motion Studio:

  • Users can view the image in chronological order so it is easy to create designs
  • It has a playback and looping feature
  • The software has various painting tools so users can easily paint their designs
  • It has a magic eraser feature, so users can remove unwanted objects easily

Pricing: $4.99/month

9. Celaction


It is a professional 2D animation software that is helpful for making films,  ad commercials and TV series. The software provides numerous their facility so users can create designs in a free workspace

Features of Celaction:

  • Users can create designs with both bitmaps and vectors simultaneously
  • It has a floating and dockable panel feature
  • The software has 16 million colours so users can create the palate of their choice
  • Users can customise their keyboard shortcuts 

Pricing: $71/month

10. Blender


It is ya best 2D computer graphics software to develop visual effects, animated movies, games etc. The software has multiple video export options including Mpeg, QuickTime and AVI

Features of blender:

  • It has Python API for crafting and customization
  • User can customise their keyboard shortcuts
  • It follows uses to turn static characters into real animations

Pricing: Free


2D animation software is helpful to create animations in two-dimension space. Users can create attractive animated videos with this software that helps in increasing customer engagement and brand awareness. In this blog, we share the 10 best 2D animation software both open source and paid versions for you to use in your project. If you find this helpful share this with your friends and colleagues. Follow PublishSquare for more blogs like this

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