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Calendly Alternatives that Make Scheduling Easy

calendly alternatives
calendly alternatives

Are you struggling to manage your meetings or your business appointments with your clients? Then you must be aware of Calendly. Calendly is one of the best scheduling software in the market, but it can’t handle the whole thing as users want. That is why we are going to see about Calendly Alternatives in detail.

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Top Calendly Alternatives

Zoho Bookings

Best for Business Consultants

zoho bookings calendly alternatives

Zoho Bookings is one of the popular Calendly alternatives that have the best free plan in the market with the best features. Its Pricing Plans are also so affordable as compared to other Calendly competitors

Features of Zoho Bookings

  • It easily sync with calender, so the meetings will get scheduled properly
  • Booking pages and workspaces are user friendly, so users can use zoho booking easily
  • Zoho Booking provides easy integration with meeting apps, so it is useful for users to attend their meeting on time
  • It also provides CRM integration and online payment facilities

Visit Zoho Bookings, to know their latest feature updates

Limitations of Zoho Bookings

  • Initial Setup process is little confusing
  • Sometimes it failed to connect to Zoho Meeting


Zoho Booking provides 3 pricing plans that can be billed annually or monthly. Here I am sharing the annual billing plan, with this users can save up to 25%

  • Free plan with two ways calender sync, notification emails and online meetings
  • $6.43/staff/month Basic Plan with all free plan features, one to one service booking and more
  • $9.64/staff/month Premium Plan with all Basic plan features, Zoho CRM sync, Online Payments and more

Visit Zoho Bookings Pricing, to know their latest pricing updates


Best for Educators

doodle calendly competitors

It is one of the popular and earliest Booking software available in the market. Doodle has many features that are best for educators and educational institutions such as polls and surveys

Features of Doodle

  • It has Poll features, so you can get your clients opinions for the best meeting time
  • Doodle has survey features, so users can collect their clients opinions easily
  • It provides bookable calender, so users can schedule their meetings along with the clients
  • 14 days free trial without credit card

Visit Doodle, to get their latest feature updates

Limitations of Doodle

  • Too much ads in free version, so users may feel it like little annoying
  • Doodle’s mobile app interface is little confusing, so users have to understand it first before using
  • It sometimes delays the email invite process, so users can’t get their poll email invite on correct time


Doodle has three pricing plans but the pricing page is difficult to find. In doodle there is no monthly billing plan, so users only have to bill annually.

  • $6.95/user/month Pro plan with no ads, synce meeting to calender and more features
  • %8.95/user/month Team Plan with all pro plan features and admin console
  • Enterprise plan with customizable features

Visit Doodle Pricing, to know their latest pricing updates

Acuity Scheduling

Best for Service Focused Businesses

acuity scheduling calendly alternatives

Acuity Scheduling focuses on small businesses which were in the service industry. It has many features that help businesses handle complex appointments. Acuity also generate more revenue via features like gift certificates and coupons

Features of Acuity Scheduling

  • Customizable content to make booking contents, so users can easily alter therir booking contents
  • Easy Booking and Schedule Managemnet features, so users are on the flow
  • It allows multi calender sync, so it saves users time
  • Acuity has both ios and android apps

Visit Acuity Scheduling, to know their latest feature updates

Limitations of Acuity Scheduling

  • No Free plan
  • Sometimes it lacks internet connectivity


Acuity Scheduling has three pricing plans that can be either billed monthly or annually. The pricing plans are coming with a 7-day free trial

  • $14/month Emerging Plan
  • $23/month Growing Plan
  • $45/month Powerhouse Plan

Visit Acuity Scheduling Pricing Page, to know their latest pricing updates

Chili Piper

Best for Large Businesses

chili piper calendly competitors

It is one of the best Calendly Alternatives for large businesses because unlike other calendly competitors it adds leads to CRM first before scheduling a meeting. So Salesperson can quickly contact the user and close a deal.

Features of Chili Piper

  • It allows users to schedule the meetings from calender itself, so users can easily manage their meetings
  • Chili Piper has many features that automates the manual workflow, so salesperson can focus more on the lead
  • Provides website embedding option, so users can embed their schedule on their web pages

Visit Chili Piper, to know their latest feature updates

Limitations of Chili Piper

  • User Interface is little confusing
  • It has a learning curve, so users have to learn it before using it


Chili Piper has many pricing plans based on their products and it also has bundle plans. Please check out their Pricing Page for more details


Best for Small Businesses

vocus.io calendly alternatives

Vocus.io is a good combination of inbox, calendar, and campaigns. So Users can set permissions as an admin to let themselves and their team members view the emails in their teammates’ inboxes.

Features of Vocus.io

  • It has a builtin email templates, so users can easily create their content
  • Users are allowed to create templates
  • It has a chrome plugin with which users can add polls, surveys, availability etc. So it is easy to use
  • Easy to schedule meetings and send them their through email
  • It has both scheduling and sales management features

Visit Vocus.io, to know their latest feature updates

Limitations of Vocus.io

  • It removes text formats while copy pasting
  • Less integrations and tracking features


Vocus.io has three pricing plans and the prices are also very affordable. It offers only a monthly billing option, so you can cancel your order anytime

  • $5/month Basic Plan
  • $10/month Starter Plan
  • $20/month Professional Plan

Visit Vocus.io Pricing Page, to know their latest pricing updates


Meeting Scheduling softwares are good to schedule and maintain our meetings with potential customers. With the above-mentioned softwares to can ease your scheduling work. Some of these Calendly Alternatives have free versions and some others have a free trial. So try to use those before buying the scheduling tool. Hope you find this blog helpful. If you like this, share it with your friends and follow PublishSquare for more blogs like Calendly Alternatives.

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